Winter Storm

December 23, 2020

Check the status of your power outage.

Community Outreach Message from Mayor Joe:

This is your newly sworn-in Mayor Joe Cavo with a City of Danbury Alert.

I am making this call to you today with an important outreach message. First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and let you know that I am here to work together with each of you throughout the course of this pandemic, and it’s my hope to meet more of you in person in the coming months.

Now, as you may be aware, we are predicting heavy winds and strong rain in Danbury this evening through Christmas day. I have just spoken with Eversource to ensure they are prepared, should power outages occur. Our Emergency Management Team is up and operating, and ready to communicate any changes or updates. We anticipate the worst of this storm to occur overnight, and we advise you to get back home before late evening and stay off the roads. The strong winds may cause damage, so I ask that you take precautions and be sure to secure those outdoor inflatable snowmen, and reindeer along with your patio furniture and trash receptacles. 

Please stay safe, and visit the City of Danbury website and Facebook page for storm updates. 

Thank you, Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to all.

As the City works with our partners at Eversource, we want to encourage residents to be prepared and take safety precautions.

Home-use medical devices in a power outage: FDA Guidance

Report an outage to Eversource: Report Outage

Storm Tips from Eversource:

  • Build an Emergency Kit with essential items to meet the unique needs of your family. To help build your kit, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a detailed checklist available.
  • Eversource also has a storm safety checklist available to help you prepare and stay safe before, during and after a storm.
  • Stock up on non-perishables, such as canned goods and pet food, and make sure you have adequate medical supplies and prescriptions for yourself and your pets.
  • Pick up some paper goods: paper plates, paper towels, plastic ware. Turn the temperature controls on your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting to keep food cold in the event of a power outage.
  • Fill several large containers with water for drinking and also fill the bath tub so you have water to flush your toilet. Keep flashlights, batteries, candles and matches on hand and make sure they are available throughout the house.
  • Have a battery-powered radio available.
  • Make sure you have fresh batteries that are the correct size for the flashlights and radio.
  • Be sure there’s a first aid kit in the house.
  • Fill your car with gasoline. Your car can also be a good place to get warm or charge your cell phone. Just make sure you keep it well ventilated and don’t fall asleep while it is running.
  • Be prepared to cook outside. You can use charcoal or propane grills or even a camping cook stove if the power goes out. Never bring grills inside.
  • Have extra gasoline on hand if you own an electric generator.
  • Make a list of emergency phone numbers, or program them into your cell phone. Handy numbers to have include the Red Cross, fire, police and a family doctor.

REMINDER: Please refrain from blowing snow into the road as it delays our response efforts. See Ordinance Sec 42-2 Part C.
Sec. 42-2. – Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks; maintenance, repair and replacement of sidewalks; obstructions to public property; enforcement.
c) Obstructions to public property. No person shall place or cause to be placed any snow, ice, sand, litter, trash or other debris or any object that obstructs, may obstruct or otherwise interferes with safe passage or the regular and proper maintenance or drainage of any street, road, public highway, sidewalk or other public property in the City.

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