Wags Doggie Daycamp & Boarding

July 13, 2016

Wags Doggie Daycamp & Boarding, the first animal daycare in our area, has been in Danbury since June of 2004. Operated by three animal lovers and former D.A.W.S. volunteers, Wags makes your pet care their first priority.

Leaving your pet in an unfamiliar place can be quite worrisome for owners, so Wags set up webcams throughout the facility that are accessible online from any device. You can watch your dog play right from work or on the go, which is a unique feature that Wags clients certainly appreciate.

Unlike most dog boarding facilities, Wags keeps your pet off leash and out of cages. During the night, a loving staff member (or two) are present for the sleepover making sure your pets are safe and secure until you come to pick them up.

Dogs are never on leashes or caged during the daycamp and there is constant supervision from trained staff members. The 6,000 sq foot facility offers your pet a wide area for them to play and ensures they are not cramped. There are three rooms for dogs, two for large dogs (divided by temperament) and a “Pup Tent” for puppies and smaller dogs. Each division consists of separate indoor and outdoor space to ensure a safe and fun environment for every dog. The staff at Wags makes sure that there is plenty for your pet to do whether it be playing with the toys they provide or setting out pools for the dogs to cool off in.

To ensure the safest environment for your pet, each new dog is interviewed before accepted into a play group. They measure for temperament and check to make sure all dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations and preventatives.

Wags recently opened a “Kitty Camp.” Now your cats can stay overnight in spacious accommodations while you are away from home. Each cat gets their own room for $20 a night.
This facility has provided all of us in the greater Danbury area with a worry-free place to bring our furry family members when we are away from home. The staff are dedicated to the welfare of the animals that visit and to maintaining a very clean and safe environment for them.

Wags is open 7 days a week and 12 hours a day for daycare.
Learn more at www.wagsdaycamp.com

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