VOTE: Danbury Education Bond Referendum Tues. Jun. 7th

May 31, 2022


RESOLVED:   That the  ordinance entitled “An Ordinance Appropriating $207,900,000

For    The    Planning,   Design,   Acquisition,   Renovation,   Construction,    Equipping   And Furnishing Of A New Danbury Career Academy Secondary School; Various Upgrades And Improvements At Danbury High School, Hayestown Avenue Elementary School, And  King Street   Primary  School;  And    Creating   Improved  Classroom   Space  To   Accommodate Districtwide Overcrowding And  Authorizing The  Issuance Of $207,900,000 Bonds Of The City   To  Meet   Said  Appropriation  And   Pending The   Issuance  Thereof The   Making  Of Temporary  Borrowings For  Such  Purpose,” adopted by  the  Council on  April  5,  2022,  be submitted for  approval or  disapproval at a Special City  Meeting  to  be  called  by  the  Mayor pursuant to Section 7-lO(a) of the  City Charter on June 7,  2022, between the  hours of 6:00 o’clock A.M. and  8:00 o’clock  P.M. (E.T.), that the  warning of said  meeting states the  question to be voted  on as follows:

1.                      Shall    the      ordinance    entitled    “An     Ordinance    Appropriating

$207,900,000  For  The   Planning,  Design,  Acquisition,  Renovation,

Construction, Equipping And  Furnishing Of A New Danbury Career Academy Secondary School; Various Upgrades And  Improvements  At Danbury High  School,  Hayestown Avenue Elementary  School, And King Street Primary School; And  Creating Improved Classroom Space To Accommodate Districtwide  Overcrowding And  Authorizing The Issuance Of  $207,900,000 Bonds Of The  City  To  Meet  Said Appropriation And  Pending The  Issuance  Thereof The  Making  Of Temporary  Borrowings  For   Such  Purpose”,  adopted  by   the   City Council at its meeting held AprilS, 2022, be approved?

The ballot label  for said  question shall read  as follows:

Shall the  $207,900,000 appropriation and bond authorization for  the planning, design, acquisition, renovation, construction, equipping and furnishing of a new  Danbury  Career Academy Secondary School and various Board   of Education projects, upgrades and   improvements  to schools within the City be approved?

YES                                                       NO

The  warning shall also  state that the  full  text  of the  aforesaid ordinance is on  file, open to public inspection,  in  the   Office of  the  Town  Clerk,   that the  vote  on  the  aforesaid bond ordinance is  taken under  the  authority of  Section 7-lO(a)   of  the   Charter of  the   City  of Danbury and   Chapter  90   of  the   Connecticut General Statutes,  as  amended, and that absentee ballots will  be  made available in  accordance with  law  in  the  Office of the  Town Clerk.

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