“Outside the Box” Program Launches in Danbury

August 29, 2018

Traffic Box Art Initiative begins in Danbury



In Fall of 2017, Mayor Boughton asked local artists and graphic designers to submit draft proposals for consideration in the City’s Traffic Box Art Program. A selection committee chose 7 artists for our first round of 9 traffic boxes. Art was prepped by Merritt Big Color and placed on vinyl wrapping for our traffic boxes.

“Downtown Danbury represents the vibrancy of our city and our community. By partnering with our local residents for this project, we attempt to capture that vibrancy in a new, unique, and artistic way,” said Mayor Boughton. “Our call to artists brought in folks of all ages who live in and around Danbury, to team up with the City and bring this special public art project to life in downtown. We hope you will take a walk through our city center and enjoy these art pieces.”

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