PPE for Small Businesses, Nonprofits & Places of Worship

May 15, 2020

Connstep, a CBIA-affiliate, is offering surgical masks for small businesses in the State of CT and infrared thermometers for small businesses, nonprofits & places of worship.


If you are an organization in Danbury with 50 employees or less, you may request up to 2 masks per employee.

In order to receive these masks, you must fill out the form available here:


After requests are submitted the City will receive the surgical masks for distribution and email you with a date and time to pick up the masks from Danbury City Hall.


Small businesses, nonprofits, and places of worship that would like to request equipment from the state’s supply of infrared thermometers should fill out a form online to indicate their request. The state has partnered with the Connecticut Business and Industry Association and its affiliate CONNSTEP to distribute the thermometers. They will be distributed by the City of Danbury. Please make sure to correctly fill in your email address in order to be notified of the pick-up time and location.

Small businesses: Any small business in the state that has between 2 and 100 employees are eligible to receive one thermometer per physical address. Eligible businesses seeking to request thermometers should click here.

Places of worship: Places of worship are eligible to receive one thermometer per physical address. To request thermometers for places of worship, click here.

Nonprofits: Nonprofits located within Connecticut are eligible to receive one thermometer per physical address. To request thermometers for nonprofits, click here. Social services and direct care nonprofits may request a thermometer through the process outlined in this memo.


The City of Danbury will email you with a distribution date and time to pickup your PPE. The pickup location will be at Danbury City Hall. You will not need to leave your vehicle to receive your PPE. Someone will be at the front of the building at your designated time to assist you.

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