Luke’s Toy Factory

July 27, 2016

Try to remember your favorite childhood toy. What made it special? Why did you love it? Did you ever think about the process that went behind designing that toy? For most of us, we didn’t have to think about it, but behind our joy was a team of designers and builders who put a mountain of effort into putting those toys in our hands.

At Luke’s Toy Factory, a Danbury-based toy company, you’ll find a small, dedicated team of people with the highest values. Luke’s Toys are all made entirely in America, with the trial and error design process taking place right here in Danbury. Each of these toys is crafted with careful thought of both the child and parent. The creators behind Luke’s Toy Factory made sure that their toys would be durable, fun to play with, and most importantly, safe. Channels and grooves are made in the toys so that they can be taken apart and put back together without parents having to worry about their kids hurting themselves on sharp pieces.

The process begins with a computer design. Luke himself comes up with an idea and draws it out. They then 3D print the new toy so that they can see how kids react to it before mass production.
Luke’s Toy Factory was one of the pioneers of using a sawdust and plastic combination for their toy materials. The recycled sawdust reduces the use of plastic by 30% making their toys eco-friendly and strong. The thick-walled toys ensure that your investment will not go to waste. Unlike most toys that are made with thin plastic material, these toys are made to last. The color on the toys actually comes from color being added during production itself, so you won’t have to worry about paint chipping off!

The trucks are all 3D puzzles which allows kids to interact more with their toys and promote creativity. The four designs currently offered are the Tipper Truck, Dump Truck, Firetruck, and Cargo Truck. These designs are also interchangeable with one another to make playtime even better. Luke’s Toy Factory was 1 of only 10 companies nationwide to be featured at a small-business exhibition center in Washington D.C.

Each toy retails for $22.95 and can be found in over 200 stores in the United States including the Toy Room in Bethel and the Toy Tree Shop in Newtown. The toys can also be purchased on the Luke’s Toy Factory website.

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