Hustle Hard Nutrition Co.

February 6, 2019

Business Wednesdays 02/06/19

For Business Wednesdays this week, we are proud to highlight another brand new company in the City of Danbury!

Hustle Hard Nutrition Co. opened the doors to their smoothie cafe on Mill Plain Road late last year and have already gained attention with their Hustle Hard brand. The supplement and apparel company describes themselves as providing quality products for the up and coming entrepreneur, the athlete, the student and all others looking for that extra boost to perform at their absolute best and maximize their day.

At the cafe, you’ll find a line of signature smoothies, coffee, tea, performance foods, supplements, and branded apparel. A must try is the “PB Ballers” which are essentially peanut butter protein bites that you can take with you for a pick me up on the go. And, when you see the list of smoothies, we are sure you’ll want to try them all!

One of the most popular smoothies is the “American Dream,” which consists of almond milk, peanut butter, and fresh berries that when combined tastes just like a delicious PB&J. Another top-seller is the newest addition to your morning routine, “Coffee X” the smoothie designed to ‘kickstart your day the right way’. These signature smoothies are just two of over a dozen tasty and filling shakes. The owners know that health and wellness are essential to your wellbeing, so don’t worry – these smoothies contain no added sugar and the macros of each shake are listed out to make your dieting/tracking a lot easier!

Each smoothie comes with a scoop of the Hustle Hard Protein Powder. This performance protein powder is a house recipe and is available in whey or plant-protein form. Get it in your smoothie and take a container of it home to use on your own. The protein powders are also available in their online store. Buy some protein, Hustle Hard gear, and you are good to go!

When asked why he started the business, co-owner Austin Monteiro who grew up in Danbury, said he wanted to fill a need that he felt the community was lacking. He describes the smoothies as “a healthy alternative that people can use to replace breakfast, lunch, dinner or even add it as an additional meal.” The smoothies are a healthy meal-replacement option as they include the protein powder and the natural list of ingredients, plus there are add-ons you can select from that will optimize your day even further!

Danbury area students, teachers & coaches, won’t want to miss out on trying the signature DHS, IHS, or WCSU smoothies. Hustle Hard Nutrition will give you 25% off your school’s smoothie when you stop by!

Visit the cafe at 8 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT 06811 and connect with them online by visiting or follow @hustlehardnutrition on Instagram.

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