Meet The Mayor

Meet The Mayor

Joseph M. Cavo

Joseph M. Cavo has been calling the great City of Danbury his home for the past 35 years. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Ridgewood, NJ, Mayor Joe relocated to Danbury in 1985 where he was hired by the City of Danbury for Equipment Maintenance. He became the Apparatus Mechanic for the Danbury Fire Department in 1988.

Mayor Joe spent many cherished years with the Danbury Fire Department. He retired in 2017 as the Superintendent of Apparatus, a position he held with the DFD since 2006. During his time with the DFD he received certification as a Master Level Emergency Technician, and was a member of both the Connecticut and New England Fire Mechanics Associations.

You’ll recognize Mayor Joe from the Danbury City Council. He was elected in 2003, and has been the President of the Council since 2006. Mayor Joe represented the Third Ward for 9 consecutive terms, and had a perfect attendance record for City Council meetings.

Mayor Joe’s proudest accomplishments on City Council include the opening of Danbury’s first dog park, and delivering seventeen years of budgets that balance the needs of education, public safety, and encourage economic growth while being ever mindful of the taxpayers ability to pay for these services.

Mayor Joe has extensive volunteer experience within the Danbury community. He has served in many roles for the Central Christian Church of Danbury, and volunteers with Americares, Habitat for Humanity, and Family & Children’s Aid. He currently serves as the Commodore of the Candlewood Vista Boat Club.

Dean Esposito

Chief of Staff


As a former elected City Councilman, Town Clerk, and Director of Consumer Protection and Sealer of Weights and Measures for the City of Danbury, Dean Esposito has been a dedicated public servant to the Danbury community for over 30 years. In 2013, Dean was asked to serve as the City of Danbury’s Community Services Coordinator for the Office of the Mayor. In 2016, Dean was appointed to serve as the Chief of Staff to Mayor Mark Boughton and currently serves as the Chief of Staff to Mayor Joseph Cavo. Mr. Esposito focuses on preserving a superior quality of life for our residents and stakeholders through the implementation of efficient and effective municipal services.