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As the legislative body of the City, the City Council is empowered to enact, amend or repeal ordinances. The City Council approves the appropriation of funds, adopts the City’s Operating and Capital Budgets, sets the mill rate, and has overall legislative oversight over the City of Danbury. The City Council shall be vested with the legislative power of the City. The Council, by majority vote with the Mayor’s approval or 2/3 vote with the Mayor’s disapproval, shall have the power to enact, amend or repeal ordinances and to create or abolish by ordinance, boards, commissions, departments, and offices. Every ordinance shall be published within 10 days after enactment. Upon a petition of not less than 15% of the electors of the City filed with the Town Clerk within 30 days after publication of any ordinance, asking that the ordinance be submitted to the voters of the City at the next regular or special meeting, the ordinance shall be submitted and it shall not become effective unless a majority of the voters at such a meeting vote in favor. An ordinance stated to be a public emergency measure shall become effective immediately after publication and no public hearing is required. For a detailed description of the City Council’s responsibilities please refer to the section of the City Charter listed as “The City Council.” To contact specific Council members, you may email them at their addresses below, or you may write to them c/o Elisa Etcheto, Legislative Assistant, City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810 ([email protected]).


At Large

Emile G. Buzaid, Jr. (R)  [email protected]

Joseph M. Cavo (R)  [email protected]

Jason “Jay” Eriquez (R) [email protected]

Michael J. Halas (R) [email protected]

Michael J. Esposito (R)  [email protected]

Warren M. Levy (R)  [email protected]

John Esposito III (R)  [email protected]

1st Ward

Irving M. Fox (R)  [email protected]

Michael J. Masi (R) [email protected]

2nd Ward

Vinny DiGilio (R)  [email protected]

Elmer Palma (R)  [email protected]

3rd Ward

Jack Knapp (R) [email protected]

Mike Henry (R) [email protected]

4th Ward

Farley Santos (D)  [email protected]

Joseph W. Britton (D) [email protected]

5th Ward

Duane E. Perkins (D)  [email protected]

Fred Visconti (D) [email protected]

6th Ward

Benjamin Chianese (D) [email protected]

Paul T. Rotello (D) [email protected]

7th Ward

Nancy Cammisa (R) [email protected]

Richard W. Molinaro (D) [email protected]

About Us

The City of Danbury’s legislative branch is known as the City Council.  The City Council is responsible for governing the management of the city, which includes regulating the operations of all departments and boards. The City Council has the power to create new ordinances, and change or abolish them, in order to provide for a more efficient, safe and economically sound city. The Council consists of twenty-one members, all are residents of Danbury.  There are two elected officials from each ward and seven at-large members, all of whom serve a term of two years.


Each month the City Council is charged with voting on various agenda items.  Council members spend countless volunteer hours reviewing these items to make informed decisions for the citizens, taxpayers, and stakeholders of the City of Danbury. Despite the state governments continued fiscal upheaval, the City Council was able to pass a balanced $257,000,000 budget while being able to decrease the mill rate by 1.35 mills. The budget also addressed our continued our commitment to our children’s education with a 4% increase to ensure that Danbury’s next generation of leaders receives the funding that they require to remain competitive. With this budget, we have been able to position Danbury on an extremely sound financial footing for years to come as evidenced by our recently awarded credit rating. Throughout the year the Council approves appointments to boards and commissions, and promotions to city departments.