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FAQ During Covid-19

Dog License Renewals will be mailed out in the begin of June. This year all dog license renewals will need to be mailed to the Town Clerk’s Office for processing due to the restricted public access to City Hall.

Town Clerk Dog License
155 Deer Hill Ave
Danbury, CT 06810

Please be sure to check the expiration date on your dog’s rabies vaccine noted on the renewal. If it has expired, you will need to send a copy of your rabies vaccination certificate. All renewal should include a self- addressed stamped envelope and a check made out to the City of Danbury.

A Governor’s Executive Order has extended the imposition of a late fee for obtaining a dog license from July 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020. The Town Clerk will begin imposing the $1.00 late fee per month beginning August 1, 2020.

2020 Fee Schedule

Spayed or Neutered - $8
Unaltered - $19

Spayed or Neutered - $9
Unaltered - $20

Spayed or Neutered - $10
Unaltered - $21

Spayed or Neutered - $11
Unaltered - $22

Spayed or Neutered - $12
Unaltered - $23

Spayed or Neutered - $13
Unaltered - $24

Spayed or Neutered - $14
Unaltered - $25

Spayed or Neutered - $15
Unaltered - $26

Spayed or Neutered - $16
Unaltered - $27

Spayed or Neutered - $17
Unaltered - $28

Spayed or Neutered - $18
Unaltered - $29


Yes, all requests for Certified Copies of Vital Records are to be requested through the mail. Please complete the appropriate application and mail to:

Town Clerk Vital Statistics
155 Deer Hill Ave
Danbury, CT 06810


These requests are being processed within 2-3 business days. Any further questions, please contact Crystal O’Brien at [email protected]

Yes, we are issuing Marriage Licenses by appointment only. Please complete this electronic application HERE After this is complete, email Crystal O’Brien at [email protected] with copies of your valid identification and an appointment will be scheduled. Please also have an officiant lined up to perform your ceremony.

Please click the link below for an updated list of Justices of the Peace in Danbury.

Justice of the Peace List

Yes, please email Jennifer Dorin at [email protected] with your name, address & conservation ID#.

Please click on the link below to sign up for an account in order to view Danbury Land Records.

Click Here


You may obtain a copy of a birth, marriage, or death certificate at the Town Clerk’s Office. You must bring your valid government-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License or Passport).

These certificates may also be requested by mail. Please download and fill out a birth certificate application, marriage certificate application, or death certificate application. Please make sure to mail the completed request with the following requirements:  Check or money order made payable to the City of Danbury. Include a photocopy of your valid government issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License or Passport). 

Mail application and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

City of Danbury
Attn: Town Clerks Office
155 Deer Hill Ave.
Danbury, CT 06810


Requirements to obtain a license in Connecticut
A marriage license is required by the Marriage Laws of the State of Connecticut. You must apply in the Town where the ceremony will be performed. No appointment is necessary to apply for a marriage license.

· The marriage license worksheet may be completed in the Town Clerk’s Office or on-line on the City of Danbury website under Town Clerk. However, both parties must appear in person together to complete the marriage license application.
· You must bring a valid government-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License or Passport)
· The license will only be valid for 65 days from the date the license is issued. NO EXCEPTION IS ALLOWED. If the license is not used in this time period, you MUST begin the process over and reapply. You can only apply in the town were the marriage is taking place.

Age Requirements
Applicants 18 years of age or over do not require parental consent to marry in Connecticut.

Under 18 years of age
A 16 or 17-year-old may obtain a marriage license only if the probate court where the minor resides approves a petition filed on the minor's behalf by his or her parent or guardian.

Exact Name
A full Legal name is required, using your legal name at the time of the application. No abbreviations, nicknames or initials. The information for the marriage license should appear as it does on your birth certificate, unless you changed your name legally in a previous marriage then that is your legal name unless your divorce decree reverses it or you had a court ordered name change.

The fee for a marriage license is $50.00.
After the ceremony is performed, the officiator will return the license to our office. Once we have received the license, you will be able to obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate. The fee for a certified copy is $20.00 per copy.

Civil Ceremony
For couples choosing to have a Justice of the Peace perform their ceremony, you may contact a Justice of the Peace from the list provided to make arrangements. The Town Clerk does not perform marriage ceremonies.

Connecticut Residents Marrying in Another State
Not all States have the same requirements. Contact the state in which the marriage ceremony is being performed.

Regardless of where you were married, the court district for the area where you residing at the time of your divorce will have those papers.

$60 first page, $5 for each additional page
$2 each property transfer reportable to the state
$20 Maps of two parcels or less
$30 Maps more than two parcels
Payment must be made by cash or check

All documents where MERS is the grantor or grantee are $159.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page, except when MERS is the grantor on an Assignment or Release, the fee is a flat fee of $159.00, (no subsequent $5 additional page fee)

$1 per page for copies of documents
$3 map copy
$2 per document certified copies
$20 hand-held scanner usage
Payment must be made by cash or check

State Conveyance Tax
Residential dwelling or property and unimproved land that is less than $800,000
Consideration x .0075 = tax amount
Portion of residential dwelling or property and unimproved land that exceed $800,000
Consideration x .0125 = tax amount
Checks made payable to Commissioner of Revenue Services

Local Conveyance Tax
Consideration x .0025 = tax amount
Checks made payable to City of Danbury

OP-236 Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return

The Town Clerk's Office accepts E-Recording for many Land Records documents. E-Recordings must be submitted through any of the below-listed vendors.

CSC 866-652-0111
ePN 888-325-3365
Indecomm Global Services 651-766-2350

You may obtain a copy of a Land Record at the Town Clerk’s Office -- $1 per page, available in office ONLY.

You may obtain a hunting and fishing license in person at the Town Clerk's Office or through the CT DEEP.

Pursuant to Connecticut General Statute 22-338, all dogs six months of age and over are required to be licensed in the month of June. The fee for licensing shall be $8.00 for spayed/neuters dogs and $19.00 for male/female dogs.
If licensing for the first time, it will be necessary to provide: name, address, phone number, name of dog, breed, age, and color. You are also required to provide proof of current rabies vaccination and proof of neutering/spaying from your veterinarian when licensing your dog(s). If a renewal, you will need current documentation of your dog’s rabies vaccination. If no documentation on file that your dog has been spayed or neutered you will be charged the additional fee.
Annual licenses must be obtained during the period of June 1, 2017, through June 30, 2017. After this date, you will be penalized $1.00 per month for each month you fail to license your dog(s).
If renewing by mail, make checks payable to the City of Danbury, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and provide copies of current rabies vaccination.

Mail to:

Town Clerk’s Office
City of Danbury
155 Deer Hill Ave
Danbury, CT 06810

You may obtain or terminate a trade name certificate at the Town Clerk's Office. It is $10 to file. Fill out an application here.
Trade Name Termination

About Us

The Town Clerk is responsible for the preservation and safekeeping of all official records and documents for the City of Danbury. The various duties and function of the Town Clerk are defined by Connecticut State Statutes and the City Charter. The Town Clerk is considered the government official in charges of public records, vital statistics and plays a key role in the election process. As the Registrar of Vital Statistics, the Town Clerk has oversight of all births, marriages and deaths which occur and are recorded in the City of Danbury. The Town Clerk serves as the official keeper of the City Seal. Assistant Town Clerks Lisa Todman and Jennifer Dorin and Assistant Registrar of Vital Records, Crystal O’Brien provide guidance and assistance to our residents, attorneys, title searchers, local businesses and state agencies.

What Our Office Does to Serve You:

PUBLIC RECORDS • Maintains and provides access to public records as required by state law • Provides certified copies of public records • Records, indexes, and preserves municipal land records, surveys and maps • Posts meeting notices for local government bodies • Maintains official records of charters, ordinances, appointments and petitions • Maintains public meeting agendas, minutes and notices • Records trade names and military discharges • Issues certificates of authority to Justices of the Peace and notary publics • Maintains official copies of town budgets, audits and annual reports VITAL STATISTICS • Registers, corrects, amends and maintains original birth, marriage and death records • Issues certified copies of vital statistic records • Assists with genealogical research for certified genealogists LICENSING • Issues state marriage, liquor, hunting, fishing and dog licenses • Issues burial, cremation and removal permits • Issues permits for food trucks ELECTIONS • Acts as a filing repository for municipal office candidates’ campaign finance reports • Certifies nominating petitions • Issues absentee ballot applications • Files Legal Notices for primaries and elections

Our Accomplishments

Our office again took advantage of the State Historical Document Preservation Grant through the Connecticut State Library to exclusively manage, preserve and provide access to our public land records by purchasing a specialized scanner to scan documents in-house. Our department has focused on the compliance of City Boards, Commissions, and Task Forces in their submission of agendas, minutes and schedules so that they meet State statutes in filing these documents which are subject to public inspection. Documents are scanned so that they are available on the City’s website. The reorganization of our vault has been completed which has enhanced our space availability for maps and land record volumes while providing an adequate workspace for those we serve. In addition, we have added 2 additional public search terminals in our office for public usage. With the completion of our Backfiling Project, we were able to preserve our historic land records dating from 1777 to 1831. We printed the digitally scanned images of the documents in Volumes 1 -25 for daily usage in our vault, allowing us to relocate the original books into storage where they will be preserved. During the past year, 19,124 documents and 486 maps were recorded on the land records. We processed 2272 birth certificates, 760 marriage licenses, and 1194 death certificates issuing 14,655 certified vital copies. We licensed 2155 dogs and issued 167 hunting/fishing licenses. The Danbury Town Clerk’s Office continues our efforts in making our office more efficient, functional and customer friendly. Our goals and objectives for FY 2017/18 are reflective of our continued ambition to expand on our accomplishments to date. We have applied for a Historic Document Preservation Grant which will be utilized to preserve and improve the longevity of our paper birth records from 1928 to 1969, enabling us to provide our customers with a cleaner certified copy of their birth record. Efforts are underway to work with other City departments involved with the issuance of vendor permits to streamline the permit process. These are just a couple of major objectives for the upcoming year. The dedicated staff, Assistant Town Clerk’s Lisa Todman and Jennifer Dorin and Assistant Registrar of Vital Records, Crystal O’Brien, are committed to providing valuable assistance and guidance to our residents, title searchers, attorneys, funeral directors, local businesses and state agencies.