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What do I do when I receive a tax bill for a vehicle I no longer own?


Notice Regarding Motor Vehicle Taxes

Please be advised The City of Danbury is under contract with TaxServ Capital Services for the collection of delinquent motor vehicle taxes. If you receive a letter from TaxServ, you must call TaxServ to discuss your account and arrange payment. If you do call the City Tax Collector or Assessor’s office, you will be directed to TaxServ.

TaxServ Capital Services, LLC can be reached at:
Telephone: 860-724-9100
Toll Free: 866-497-2427
Fax: 860-727-1080

Legal Notice 10/2019


All persons liable to pay taxes to the City of Danbury are hereby notified that they are required to return to the Assessor on or before the 4TH day of November, 2019 a written or printed list of their taxable property (EXCEPT REAL ESTATE AND REGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE), belonging to the person on the Fourth day November, 2019 i.e., machinery, horses, furniture and fixtures of commercial, industrial, manufacturing, mercantile trading and all other business occupations and professions, cables, conduits, pipes, poles, towers, underground mains, wires, etc., of the electric, gas heating, water and water power companies, and any other taxable property.

Dated this 15th day of October 2019 at Danbury, Connecticut.

About Us

The Assessor’s Office has the responsibility of assessing every taxable and exempt property located in the City of Danbury and compiling these assessments into the City’s Grand List. Included in the Grand List are real estate, business personal property and registered motor vehicles.

The Assessor’s Office is a division within the City’s Department of Finance and its primary responsibilities are governed by the State of Connecticut General Statutes and the City of Danbury Ordinances. As mandated by the State of Connecticut, the city conducts revaluations every five (5) years.  The City has completed its most recent revaluation on October 1, 2017. This information is available online at

Our Accomplishments

Assessor’s office

  • Reviewed 40 appeals which included residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Inspected vehicles of taxpayer’s who appealed, which included checking the condition, damage, and mileage.
  • Worked with the Assessor to ensure property owner appeals are considered and resolved in a timely manner.
  • Provided general information to taxpayers appealing the different seniors and veterans programs.

Bureau of Assessment:

  • A citywide Revaluation was conducted to create a fair distribution of the tax burden on taxpayers, by performing the data collection and market analysis necessary to equalize all property values in the City.
  • Conducted Personal Property Audits for businesses within the City of Danbury.
  • Served the City’s constituents in the most effective manner with all available resources and with an emphasis on customer service.
  • Continued improvement of open communication and teamwork within our department and the customers we serve.