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The Public Buildings Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for “maintenance, construction and repair of municipal buildings.” This encompasses well over 75 active buildings and properties along with their mechanical systems and equipment. The Public Buildings Division strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the operation of effective government, education, public safety and enjoyment.

Our goal is to provide emergency and routine facilities services in a timely and effective manner. This division serves all public buildings, which include City Hall, Police Headquarters, Fire stations, Public Schools, Public Library, Elmwood Hall, Veterans Hall, Old Jail, Old Library, Head Start Building, the Public Works Complex, and the public parks buildings to name a few. The Public Buildings Division also provides assistance and support to the other divisions within the Public Works Department as needed.

The staffing for this division includes a Superintendent, a Foreman, seven state licensed trades personnel (two electricians, one HVAC technician, one steamfitter and three plumbers), two home improvement contractors (one mason/carpenter and one general maintenance mechanic), and one secretary-bookkeeper at the moment. This small, efficient, and highly skilled staff provides 24/7 maintenance, repair and emergency facility service to all municipal departments and educators housed in our City buildings and schools.

Our Accomplishments:

This fiscal year the Public Building Division received 2661 new requests for maintenance/emergency service which is in addition to our planned preventative maintenance work and completed 2409 requests for service. The division attempts to perform as much maintenance and repair work as possible in-house with its own skilled staff. Additional assistance for major repairs and special tasks that cannot be handled by divisional staff is provided through contractual arrangement with local professional contractors.

In addition to repair and maintenance services, the staff of Public Buildings performs or manages minor alteration projects that save the City of Danbury a considerable amount of money. Examples of more recent projects, which vary in size and scope, are:

1) Broadview Roof replacement.
2) City Hall carpeting.
3) Security upgrades to Library, City Hall and DPW complex.
4) Old Quarry Nature Center roof replacement.
5) Bear Mountain cottage renovations.
6) Porch and stair replacement at Old Jail.
7) 15 Main Street roof replacement.
8) UST removal and new gas main/burner install at Library.

As the division is responsible for facilities services it also strives to achieve energy efficient buildings. There’s several energy conservation projects planned for 2018 to convert regular exterior lighting to LED lighting, a project which will save both maintenance time on lamp replacement, as well as operational energy. These projects will take place at the city public buildings, parks and ornamental street lighting.

The Public Buildings Division operates and maintains several building operation and energy management systems for the city buildings and public schools.

There were several projects planned in 2017 that will be managed by Public Buildings in 2018.

Some of these include:

• Replacement of the roof at Mill Ridge Primary.
• Cooling Tower and RTU replacement at City Hall
• Cooling Tower refurbishment at Library.
• Cooling Tower replacement at Union station.
• UST replacements at King Street Primary and King Street Intermediate Schools.
• UST replacements at Broadview and Rogers Park Middle Schools
• Water tank replacements at Broadview Middle and Pembroke Schools.

City department heads and authorized school personnel have the ability to electronically send and track work requests to our maintenance management server and schedule their work. This system has increased divisional responsiveness, accountability and productivity