About Us

The Highway Division staffs a team of 39 labor positions.  These professionals provide services to the city as Secretary/Dispatcher, Operators, Drivers and Laborer/Masons.   The Highway Division is responsible for public safety in the form of repair and maintenance of the city roads, sidewalks, curbs, bridges, storm drains and waterways.

At the Highway Division, public safety is job number one.  We actively maintain the public right of way by administering and scheduling programs such as road maintenance, repair, and replacement, storm drain maintenance, repair and replacement, road sweeping, sight line mowing, street sign installation, debris pick up and litter clean up.

The Highway Division prepares for the winter, during the fall.  Thirty-eight (38) plow routes are reviewed and updated.  Salt applications are calibrated.  Our Highway staff responded to 16 winter storms during the 2016/2017 ice and snow season.  The storms brought more than 56 inches of snow, sleet, and freezing rain, which required 9,700 tons of salt to combat.  At Highway, we keep safe over 240 miles of road, as well as public buildings and school parking lots.

Our traffic sign crew has actively been replacing existing street signs to meet the State’s requirements for size and reflectivity.  Working with the City’s Traffic Authority, our sign crew installed regulatory, warning and directional signs, recreational and cultural signs, emergency management, construction and detour signs.

An additional service to the city residents is the annual service programs The Highway Division provides.  In the spring and again in the fall we service the city with the bi-annual Leaf Pick-Up Program. For 30 days each season, city residents can set bagged leaves at their curb side and The Highway Division will take it away to be used as compost.  Properly bundled twigs are removed in the same manner.

Other programs include garbage removal from fixed city receptacles, recycling drop off at our Mobile Recycling Truck five days per week, Road Millings for sale, as well as sponsor and support Clean City Day, Household Hazardous Waste Day, and Paint Care Drop-off Day.

Our Accomplishments

  • Reclaimed, milled and paved 8.33 miles of city road
  • Eliminated 16 known icing areas.
  • Replaced or repaired 133 storm basins, including over 1,900 linear feet of pipe.
  • Repaired 4 storm water culverts and 2 headwalls.
  • Swept over 240 miles of city streets.
  • Fought 16 ice and snow storms that brought 56 inches of snow.
  • Annual curbside Leaf and Twig Pickup Program.
  • Recyclable drop off 5 days per week.
  • Annual Bulky Waste, Paint Drop off, and Hazardous Waste Drop off Days.
  • Daily public area garbage pickup.