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Equipment Maintenance

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About Us

The Equipment Maintenance Division is staffed by a team of four mechanics, including a Lead Mechanic and three Journeymen Mechanics.  Collectively they are responsible for the repair and service of a large municipal fleet of trucks, heavy construction equipment, road sweepers, and mowers, road grading and paving equipment, garbage trucks, tree bucket and grapple trucks, catch basin vacuum trucks and all four wheel drive City department vehicles.

The highly skilled staff keeps the diverse fleet of trucks and equipment, safely on the road so that the expected City services can be provided with the public’s safety in mind.  This is accomplished by the administration and management of spare parts, bulk fluid storage and recycling, tire replacement, major system repair and replacement, electrical and computer system diagnostics and repair, as well as managing a litany of vehicle and equipment manufactures representatives and subcontractors.

The Equipment Maintenance Division manages and maintains the Fuel Storage and Dispensing Station at the 53 Newtown Road Public Works Complex.  This station, along with the New Street Station, provides fuel to the entire City fleet.

Our Accomplishments

  • Serviced and Maintained entire fleet of trucks and equipment
  • Directly responsible for the seasonal changeover of multiuse truck and equipment requirements
  • Staffed and ready through all of the 24 winter ice and snow storms, Equipment Maintenance kept all of the snow fighting trucks and equipment on the road
  • Annual preparation of street sweeping equipment
  • Monitors and manages fuel storage levels
  • Contributes technical and practical knowledge to the Truck and Equipment Purchase Committee