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About Us

This division has filled a niche in the organization for the general contracting of projects from $10,000 to $2,000,000, which are performed in-house. The Construction Services Division implements a variety of City projects through the teamwork of the various Divisions of Public Works, utilizing its equipment to accomplish tasks in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. This Division also uses our low bid, on-call contractors to perform projects or a combination of City crews and on-call contractors. The Construction Services Division works on implementing a variety of projects; such as road rehabilitation, bridge construction, building renovations, drainage and the construction management of large City projects.

The Division includes two Construction Managers and an Assistant Construction Manager, priding ourselves on completing our projects on time and within budget. Each of the Division’s Construction Managers has over twenty years’ experience in the construction industry, trades, and public works projects.

Road opening permits are also issued through the Construction Services Division. There was an increase over the previous year to 263, generating permit fees in the amount of $22,465.00 and $1,067,148.00 in Highway Bonds. The permitting process requires coordination and team work and has many facets; certificates of occupancy inspections, infrastructure inspections for roads, sidewalks and driveways. This Division also managed the bond requirements for street opening permits.

Our Accomplishments

Construction Services administrating, managing and inspecting the Westville Avenue Improvements Project funded through a CDBG grant & loan. The project was a difficult undertaking in an inner city neighborhood with an 80-year-old infrastructure. The project is currently in construction and is on schedule and within budget. The project will enhance the neighborhood with new sidewalks, curbing and drainage. The street has taken on a beautiful and completely new look. The Westville Avenue Improvements Project was designed in-house by the City of Danbury Engineering Division and is another example of the Public Works team in-house professionalism, which results in reduced spending on outside consultants and resulting in significant savings to the city.

Construction Services is managing the emergency deck repairs to the Kenosia Avenue Bridge/ Kenosia Lake presently. Using our in-house resources Construction Services contracted with one of our on-call structural engineers, RHS Consulting Engineers, for the repair design. Construction Services using our in-house resources is presently under construction. The project is under construction and currently on schedule and within budget.

Construction Services is the Program Manager/Administrator for the Danbury High School Addition and Related Improvements Projects. Working with the Director of Public Works and our in-house staff, the pre-design phase has been completed. Rizzo Corporation the Construction Manager / Constructor has bid the first five phases of the six project phases. Phases IA, II, III have been completed. Phase IV is on schedule and within budget, the structural steel has been erected.

Construction Services completed the construction of the new Dog Park. Again, the work is being performed using our in-house resources designed by the Engineering Division. Construction Services acting as the General Contractor using our in-house resources which resulted in overall savings to the city with zero change orders completed on schedule and within budget.

Construction Services, working with the design engineer, completed the rehabilitation of the Crosby Street Bridge serving as the Program Manager the project was completed on schedule.

Construction Services is presently administrating, managing and performing the construction inspection of two new parks, Heritage Walk (City Hall) and Memorial Park (357 Main Street). Both projects are on schedule and within budget with midsummer completion dates.

Construction Services acting as the General Contractor / Construction Manager completed the construction of new Soldiers Park this work has been performed using our in-house resources resulting in savings to the taxpayers of Danbury.

In the future, the Division looks forward to being a successful part of the Director’s continuing initiative of performing more in-house work and to continue the development of our ability to complete in-house management of infrastructure and capital improvement projects. In-house management of projects translates into the savings of tax dollars. We look forward to the continued development of this division and proudly serve as part of the Public Works Department.