Command Staff

Command Staff

Patrick Ridenhour



Shaun McColgan

Deputy Chief


Professional Standards

The Professional Standards division coordinates the efforts of the extraordinary supervisors who make up the Division. Units under the Professional Standards umbrella include the Court Liaison/Private Duty, the Training Unit, the Accreditation Office, and Internal Affairs.

Daniel Mulvey

Detective Bureau

The Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of all major crimes, such as homicide, robbery, sexual assault, burglary, and serious assaults, as well as any other crimes that warrant in-depth investigation. It is comprised of the following units: General Investigations; White Collar, Fraud, and Computer Crime; Special Victims; Special Investigations; and Crime Scene.

Mitchell Weston
Detective Captain

Christian Carroccio
Detective Lieutenant

Adam Marcus
Detective Sergeant – General Investigations

Gary Guertin
Detective Sergeant – Special Victims Unit

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest division within the police department. Uniformed Patrol Officers are the first ones to respond to most calls for police service. Our mission is to preserve the peace, protect life and property through fair and impartial enforcement of criminal and traffic laws, and to foster a positive relationship with all members in our community.

Robert J. Myles

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division provides community-oriented policing through enhanced/proactive patrolling methods to targeted areas of Danbury. By offering a wide range of community outreach services, crime prevention programs, and presentations, this Division strives to maintain a continued partnership with the City’s community groups and citizens we serve.

Vincent Daniello

Records/Property Division

The Danbury Police Records Division is responsible for maintaining and distributing all police accident and incident reports, arrest records, permits, and criminal history requests. It is the goal of the division to provide professional, courteous, efficient service to all residents and agencies looking to obtain information concerning police-involved incidents.

Liliana Primus
Administrative Manager

Training Division

The Training Unit provides entry-level and sustainment-level training for all sworn personnel in accordance with state and local requirements, including training in physical skills such as firearms and tactics, as well as academic instruction. Additionally, the Training Unit provides consultation and training for Danbury’s largest employers and public gathering places through our active-shooter prevention and response program.

Marc Scocozza

Internal Affairs

The Danbury Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit will maintain the public confidence by performing impartial and thorough investigations of alleged employee misconduct or citizen complaints while seeking the truth, safeguarding the rights of the employees and citizens, and ensuring that all persons involved are treated with respect.

Michael Sturdevant
Detective Lieutenant