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About Us

The department’s mission is to offer a variety of recreational programs to advance social equity and access to meet the needs of as many City of Danbury residents as possible from the young to seniors and those with disabilities. Develop scheduling that will maintain maximum facility utilization and to monitor all park assets. We want to facilitate physical activities and healthy lifestyles, create positive youth and family development and safeguard park visitors and recreational participants. We will continue to develop outreach efforts with a focus on our diverse population to attain more integration of our youth in public and private recreation programs.

The Danbury Recreation Department’s goals are to offer extensive recreational programming opportunities for residents young and the young at heart. Opportunities include participating in recreational activities or enjoying our leisure facilities. Our objectives to achieve this includes: employing park maintainers to work diligently every day to ensure every facility is manicured and has been carefully prepared to ensure optimum use of that playing surface, whether it is for a game or practice session. Additionally, we continue to invest our resources in rebuilding infield surfaces and making improvements with drainage at many of our facilities.

Community Awareness

The Department of Recreation will continue to promote awareness of all services available through the use of the City of Danbury website, and Danbury Board of Education through the distribution of flyers, social media and any other forms of media available to improve communications.