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The Office of Project Excellence (OPE) is an innovative department that acts as an umbrella for all City projects. The mission of the OPE is to unite all departmental projects and align them with the vision and long-term strategy of the city. The most important goal is to provide cost containment, prioritization, and to ensure the completion of all approved projects.

Our Accomplishments 2016-2017

To date, the OPE has completed 44 projects aimed at either reducing costs or providing new services for our residents.  In the coming year, we have an addition 32 projects in our pipeline.

Our most impactful accomplishment has been launching the Clean Start program with Jericho Partnership. This initiative is in its second year, and gives Danbury’s homeless and at risk population a chance to earn gift cards while aiding in the beautification of our city through litter removal and other civic tasks.

Additionally, the City has reconstructed purchasing requirements by raising our bid limit for purchases while maintaining fiscal controls through a quote system.  This has enabled projects and operations to move faster.  In most cases this can reduce a month of staff time.  Coupled with a new partnership between the City and Inc, we’ve kept costs of equipment and supplies down.

Technology and Security Upgrades

The City has upgraded its phone services for the entire City to allow for more seamless communication.  Our ability to ensure timely and accurate communications with the public has been greatly enhanced as a result.  City Hall has also brought on a part-time staffer to help facilitate and greet traffic that enters our building, which has been a great help to our residents when visiting City Hall.

Dog Park 

Public Works has installed a brand new state of the art dog park for our residents and local dog lovers. This project has been met with a great deal of praise from those who utilize it.

Containment of Public Notice costs

As a City we are always seeking ways to become more transparent and to share information with the public.  We have begun exploring ways to provide the public more information regarding public meetings and official procedures through a partnership with the NewsTimes.  Thus far, these partnerships have yielded tremendous savings for the city while reaching greater numbers of people.

Revenue Generation Committee

In response to the ever-growing state fiscal crisis the City has established a working group of state members that collaborates on new ways to create efficiencies and savings.  Some of these initiatives have resulted in a savings on how the City uses cellular devices, to rebidding all contracts over time and ensuring we are receiving the best pricing.

Our upcoming projects are being developed with the goal of creating a more open government. As an example, we are partnering with the Danbury Hackerspace to directly link health inspection scores of Danbury restaurants on Yelp.  Lastly, the OPE department is beginning to explore a government transparency initiative that will share budget and financial data in real time with the public via the City website.