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The Office of Project Excellence (OPE) is an innovative department that acts as an umbrella for all City projects. The mission of the OPE is to unite all departmental projects and align them with the vision and long-term strategy of the city. The most important goal is to provide cost containment, prioritization, and to ensure the completion of all approved projects.

Our Accomplishments Fiscal Year 2017-2018

To date, the OPE has completed 63 projects aimed at either reducing costs or providing new services for our residents. In the coming year, we have additional 24 active projects with 10 more in the OPE pipeline.

Our most impactful accomplishment has been launching the Clean Start program with Jericho Partnership. This initiative is in its second year, and gives Danbury’s homeless and at risk population a chance to earn gift cards while aiding in the beautification of our city through litter removal and other civic tasks.

Additionally, the City has reconstructed purchasing requirements by raising our bid limit for purchases while maintaining fiscal controls through a quote system.  This has enabled projects and operations to move faster.  In most cases, this can reduce a month of staff time.  Coupled with a new partnership between the City and Inc, we’ve kept costs of equipment and supplies down.

The accomplishments listed below from the latest fiscal year show the variety and variation of our initiatives.

Digital Marketing Firm

After a review of the amount of expenditures for radio and print marketing for various city events such as Restaurant Week, the Downtown Chow-Down, and other citywide events, it became clear that the city could save money and advertise more efficiently via social media platforms. The proper utilization of social media allows the City to reach a larger audience and market to different demographics depending on the event. Using a digital marketing firm to advertise for the City is much more efficient and productive while simultaneously saving money. The Danbury community will be notified of useful upcoming news, events, and functions that they may be interested in and they can help spread the word!

Library Parking Study

An analysis of the Library parking made it evident that the flow of traffic was hindered and that too few parking spaces existed to meet the demand of visitors. In order to resolve these issues, the Danbury Library parking lot was redesigned this past year; creating additional parking spots and completely revamping the way cars navigate the lot. As a result, more residents and their children are able to enjoy all that our library has to offer.

Mallory Hat Property

The City has long held the title to property formerly known as the Mallory Hat Factory. A partnership between the City Danbury and the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury will now transform this abandoned site into a residential facility for women and children in transition. The OPE applied for and received a $1.3 million grant from the State of Connecticut, on
behalf of the City of Danbury, to remediate any environmental issues on the property. Once this cleanup is completed the Women’s Center has pledged to put $6 million additional dollars to construct a new building for the site. This project will reimagine a long under-utilized property in the City.