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About Us

Preserving the quality and character of Danbury’s neighborhoods, as well as improving and maintaining the quality of life for all of its residents, is the primary goal for the Office of Neighborhood Assistance, also known as the UNIT (Unified Neighborhood Inspection Team).

The UNIT combats Blight, Health, Housing, Zoning and Fire code violations by working closely with those respective departments in a timely and professional manner. Concerns ranging from blighted properties, illegal apartments, unregistered vehicles, neighborhood nuisances, unpermitted construction and overcrowded, unsafe living conditions are just some of the few issues that our department addresses. Additionally, the UNIT partners with the Danbury Police Department to investigate illegal dumping, issue tickets for parking violations, and remove any abandoned or unregistered motor vehicles parked on city streets.

Our department has become the model of “one-stop shopping,” as residents can submit a complaint regarding any matter of concern and it will be appropriately addressed. It is essential for our team to respond quickly and efficiently to their concerns. We appreciate their support in helping to maintain and improve the quality of life for all residents of Danbury. Our department strives to enhance Danbury’s position as a premier place to live, work, and raise a family

Our Accomplishments

For the fiscal year 2017-2018,

  • The UNIT responded to and handled over 1,100 quality of life issues.
  • Nearly 360 properties containing garbage and debris were cleaned up due to UNIT intervention. These issues create an eyesore in our community that can decrease the value of the properties.
  • Over 60 Exterior Blight Orders were issued to property owners to address and correct blighted conditions. These orders carry a $100/day penalty if the items are not corrected within a 30 day period.
  • Nearly 120 properties were inspected due to concerns of illegal apartments or unsafe living conditions, as well as unpermitted construction. Upon inspection, many times there are no issues, however, it is necessary for our department to do its due diligence to ensure the safety of our residents.
  • Over 40% of UNIT activity was a result of proactive enforcement referred to as ACTION (Active Commitment Toward Improving Our Neighborhoods). Instead of waiting for a resident complaint or overlooking an issue in a neighborhood, our department addresses it quickly before it may become a greater concern.
  • Over $5000 in parking tickets were issued. The UNIT assists the Danbury Police Department with the enforcement of parking violations and vehicles parked on the sidewalk.
  • UNIT coordinated and scheduled Fire Marshal and Housing inspections for over 70 multi-family properties beginning a new initiative where our department assists with the coordination of these inspections to improve the overall outreach to all properties, improve safety and housing regulations and increase inspection revenues.
  • Coordinates and oversees Clean Start staff and community service volunteers, assigning them cleanup/improvement tasks throughout the city. Litter pickup, graffiti removal and larger scale area cleanups are a few of the many accomplishments achieved by these work crews.

Future Objectives

  • Expand the enforcement of non-compliant and unresponsive property owners by utilizing the court system and placing liens on these properties.
  • Increase ACTION within our neighborhoods to improve and maintain code compliance, while continuing our department’s initiative to increase the frequency of Fire Marshal and Housing inspections.
  • Increase the enforcement of parking violations by issuing tickets.
  • Continue to utilize community service population and Clean Start to clean up the city and assist other departments with other community-related tasks.

The UNIT’s most notable accomplishments are measured everyday as our department strives to preserve and maintain the quality of life in Danbury. Each resolved issue equals a small, individual success resulting in the overall positive appearance of Danbury’s neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on our quick responses, professional service and appropriate follow up to the concerns of the residents of Danbury.

Downtown District Unit

The City of Danbury’s Downtown UNIT Department is charged with the well-being of the Downtown Revitalization Zone (DRZ) and related urban districts. The Downtown UNIT works closely with all City entities and focuses relations with groups such as CityCenter, Main St. Partnership, Downtown Safety Initiative, Spring Street Neighborhood Association and many non-profit entities, thereby bridging the gap between private and public sectors. These initiatives ensure that Danbury’s downtown will continue to be a vibrant and safe urban core for the foreseeable future.

Cooperation from our Police, Fire, Public Works, Health, Welfare, and Zoning Departments has enabled the UNIT to have a critical impact on our ability to provide a safe and business-friendly environment to the downtown.  The enforcement of code has been effective due to constant monitoring of downtown, combined with social work and other assistance.  The Downtown UNIT has become very adept at reaching all personalities and linking problems with solutions. As a result, new proactive ideas have been initiated to combat these urban core social issues:

  • Broken Windows Principle: The theory being that areas tend to stay clean when kept clean and unkempt when kept unkempt; if we do not fix that first broken window, then there will be two, and then three and so on.  This principle works only when all interested parties work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Development of the Spring Street Neighborhood Association.  This association has led to a strengthening of one of Danbury’s oldest and proudest neighborhoods.  The neighborhood association has raised awareness of safety and quality of life issues holding several neighborhood meetings and a viable neighborhood watch.
  • Community Service for repeat offenders in the DRZ (panhandling, public drinking, graffiti).
  • Revolving Door Meetings: These gatherings have brought the brightest and most influential decision makers to real-time actions and solutions. Some of these groups include representatives of Danbury Hospital Department Head of Psychiatry, Director of CityCenter, Police, Lawmakers, and non-profits.
  • Growth:  Downtown Danbury is transforming with the construction of new luxury apartments, expansion of Naugatuck Community College and the opening of new businesses.

In addition, we continue our brand of umbrella code enforcement pertaining to illegal construction, illegal apartments, sidewalk enforcement, clean communities ordinance, entertainment license protocol, and the overall well-being of our city.  The Downtown UNIT works alongside other members of the UNIT to give our entire municipality the most effective and efficient department of its kind.  We have always been the statewide leader in innovative hybrid approaches to problem-solving and we will continue to be the most innovative thus far. Our department is proud to be of service to our citizens and will continue to keep Danbury the best city to live, work and be educated.


If a foreclosed property has fallen into disrepair, has garbage, or overgrown grass, please submit a service request to the UNIT who will then investigate. Oftentimes, due to the lengthy process of contacting the bank who owns the property, it will take a little longer to have it cleaned up than normal - your patience and understanding in such an instance is greatly appreciated.

Please submit a service request for the UNIT, who will then investigate the vehicle.

Please submit a service request to the UNIT who will then inspect the property to see if anything can be done to ensure that the quality-of-life remains high for all residents.

You may submit a service request to the UNIT, who will then investigate. If the vehicle is parked during the evening hours or on the weekend, please indicate the times so we can follow up appropriately.

Please submit a service request to the UNIT to report a suspected unregistered vehicle and indicate if license plates are on the car or not, and provide said data.

From Monday-Thursday, during the hours of 8am-6pm, please call 311 to report sidewalk parking in order to receive a timely response. During non-business hours for City Hall please contact the Danbury Police Department at 797-4611 to report sidewalk parking. You may submit a service request for the UNIT to periodically check your area for sidewalk parking if it is a constant problem.

Please submit a service request to the UNIT to report an accumulation of garbage on a property, please indicate if the property is rented, if the homeowner lives there, of if it is abandoned in order to allow for a timelier response.

Please submit a service request to the UNIT and indicate where you suspect the illegal apartment is located (attic, basement, etc).

Please submit a service request to the UNIT and indicate, if possible, what time the debris was dumped. If you happen to have any additional information such as vehicle makes or license plate numbers, please also provide them.

Please submit a service request to the UNIT and indicate how long you suspect this has been going on for as well as the appropriate times for an inspection.

Please submit a service request to the UNIT and indicate what type of work is being done at the location and for how long.