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Environmental Health Services

The City of Danbury’s Environmental Health Division strives to take preventive measures to assure the safety of its residents. Our goal is to prevent illness, disability, injury, and death from interactions between residents and the environment. Our qualified team conducts health inspections, investigates and resolves complaints regarding hazardous conditions, and educates residents to take precautions to ensure a healthy environment. The Department of Health and Human Services is in partnership with state and federal agencies and is responsible for the enforcement of the state public health codes, state statutes and regulations, and local health ordinances.


The City of Danbury Department of Health would like to introduce our new online license and inspection ViewPoint Cloud Portal!

Click here for more details or visit https://danburyct-health.viewpointcloud.com/

  • Go to: https://danburyct-health.viewpointcloud.com Or Click here
  • Create an account with your email address and log into the ViewPoint Portal
  • Fill out the application and upload required documentation in PDF format. You will have the option to save an unfinished application as a draft and complete it at a later time.
  • Once submitted, an email link to a copy of the application will be available to you.
  • Additional documentation can be uploaded directly by the applicant at any time.
  • Please check your emails regularly for notifications sent by the permitting software to the email address you registered your account with. All written correspondence with City staff should be conducted through the permitting software and not by emailing directly to their city email address – this allows other staff to understand the application status. Correspondence requires logging back into the online licensing portal and using the ‘Comments’ section.

The Department of Health and Human Services inspects and provides licensure for all beauty salons and massage therapy establishments to ensure a clean and safe environment for all patrons.

The Department of Health and Human Services provides day care inspections to ensure a safe environment for children.

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Environmental section health staff can help residents address many health nuisances or hazards at public pools and beaches, housing, neighborhoods, restaurants, salons, and other settings. These nuisances and hazards include:

Secondhand smoke inside restaurants and bars
Contaminated water
Garbage and refuse
Lead, asbestos, pesticides, and other chemical hazards
Mold and other indoor air quality issues
Pests and disease vectors including mice, rats, mosquitoes, birds, and bedbugs
Unsafe food or unsanitary food preparation conditions
Retail tobacco and medical cannabis dispensaries
Abandoned vehicles
Overgrown vegetation/weeds
Laundry hygiene
Massage or Tattoo parlor hygiene
Nail or Hair Salon hygiene
Environmental odors

To Make a Complaint:
You can make a complaint by doing one of the following options:
Contact the 311 Customer Service Center anytime (24/7) by dialing 311 (within Danbury, from a landline) or (203) 744-4311 (outside Danbury or from your cell phone), or
Click the 'Service Request' link located at the top right of any page on this website.

When making your complaint, be prepared to provide the following information:

*Name and contact information (if you want to be notified of updates related to your complaint)

*Property address and type

*Additional information relevant to the concern or complaint

After 311 routes your call to our department, most complaints are handled in the complaint process illustrated in the link below

Filing a Complaint: Process

Please note: Records of public complaints are public records; however, the Health & Human Services department generally does not share the name of a person making a public complaint unless required to do so by state law.

The Department of Health and Human Services provides licensure and annual inspections for all food service establishments within the City of Danbury including; restaurants, markets, caterers, private clubs, itinerant vendors, school cafeterias, group homes, day care centers, nursing homes, and temporary events. In addition, the Department reviews plans for proposed food service establishments.

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The goal of the Healthy Homes program is to promote health and well- being through a safe and hazard free environment. This is accomplished by addressing physical, chemical, and toxic hazards in the home through a variety of programs.

The Department of Health and Human Services housing inspectors respond to housing code complaints filed by Danbury residents. Investigations may result in the issuance of violation orders and/or litigation.

How to file a complaint:
Dial 3-1-1 from any landline or call 203-744-4311 from your mobile device
Or email at [email protected]

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The Department of Health and Human Services issues Certificates of Apartment Occupancy required for specific multi-family properties. Our goal is to create a safe and sanitary home environment for every resident within the City of Danbury in a coordinated and systematic way.

Housing Program Information + Frequently Asked Questions

Exposure to lead by ingestion, inhalation or skin contact can cause serious health problems. Lead can affect brain function and development particularly in children under the age of six. Children are exposed to lead from different sources such as paint, dust, soil, and water. The Department of Health and Human Services conducts epidemiological and environmental investigations of premises where children with elevated levels of lead have been found. During these investigations, the Department provides educational materials and cleaning kits to the parents or guardians of children to reduce further exposure. Water and soil samples are collected and sent to the State laboratory for analysis. The Department strictly enforces the abatement of lead from premises with toxic levels.

The Department of Health and Human Services inspects all private well construction sites for quality assurance. Our team helps resolve water quality problems and protects the water supply at the local level.

We offer private well water testing for a variety of pollutants. The basic profile test includes radon, volatile organic compounds, lead/copper, arsenic, and uranium. A fee is required for each test.

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A Public Pool is an artificial basin constructed of an impervious material intended for swimming and water recreational activities. The Department of Health and Human Services issues permits and inspects all public pool facilities for water quality, sanitation, and safety in Danbury.

Public Pool License

The Department of Health and Human Services issues permits and supervises installation of private sub-surface sewage disposal systems by observing percolation and deep hole tests, inspections, and investigations. Our team reviews plans for a change of use, additions, and engineered systems.

Sewage Back-Ups Fact Sheet

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The Department of Health and Human Services inspects all tattoo and piercing parlors within the City of Danbury. Our goal is to ensure a clean and safe environment for all patrons and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.