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The Danbury Department of Health and Human Services is committed to providing a healthy environment for our community. We serve to address public health concerns with model health programs, housing & social services advocacy and other services in a cost-effective and comprehensive manner.  The department works daily to protect and improve the public’s health in innumerable ways, ranging from the expected restaurant inspections to the tracking of communicable diseases. The primary function of our department is to serve as a catalyst to stimulate action from within the community to effectively and appropriately address public health concerns that may jeopardize our community’s health and limit our potential to address those concerns. The Environmental Health section strives to take preventative measures in order to assure the safety of its residents. Our goal is to prevent illness, disability and injury or death from the interactions between residents and the environment. Our qualified team conducts health inspections, investigates and resolves complaints regarding hazardous health conditions. The Community Health section is responsible for the primary prevention of illness and the investigation of infectious diseases within the City of Danbury. We provide a wide variety of preventative health programs whose goals are to increase a healthy lifespan for Danbury residents. This division also provides services for tuberculosis control, sexually transmitted disease clinics, tick analysis, and childhood lead poisoning prevention.