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The Danbury Department of Health and Human Services is committed to providing a healthy environment for our community. We serve to address public health concerns with model health programs, housing & social services advocacy and other services in a cost-effective and comprehensive manner.  The department works daily to protect and improve the public’s health in innumerable ways, ranging from the expected restaurant inspections, to tracking of communicable diseases. The primary function of our department is to serve as a catalyst to stimulate action from within the community to effectively and appropriately address public health concerns that may jeopardize our community’s health and limit our potential to address those concerns.



Accomplishments for 2016 – 2017 include:

  • Established a tick analysis program.
  • 500+ Restaurant inspections.
  • Provided free private well analysis for up to 150 residents.
  • Provided free cleaning kits to families with children that have elevated blood lead levels.
  • Recognition of housing inspectors’ commitment to the residents of Danbury.
  • 350+ medical and mental health referrals.

Current Projects

  • Subsidizing private well water analysis for residents, to encourage regular testing of drinking water.
  • Providing 500+ free smoke detectors to families during the course of housing inspections.
  • Developing a Healthy Homes Program, to promote health and well-being through safe and healthy home
  • Developing an Asthma Indoor Risk Strategy Program to reduce the number of school/work absences, emergency department visits, and urgent care visits to the primary care providers.
  • Providing free Radon gas test kits to residents during National Radon Action Month in January.

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