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The Office of Community Risk Reduction is made up of six Deputy Fire Marshals and one Fire Marshal.  The main focus of this office is to reduce the number of fires and fire-related injuries within the city.  This is accomplished by public education and enforcement of the Connecticut General Statutes.  Our office also reviews the plans of every new building/project that is constructed in the city.  By reviewing the plans, we can make sure that the fire codes are being applied in the proper manner, making sure the buildings are being built to code.  Our public education includes community outreach programs, such as Fire Safety Presentations to housing complexes, schools, businesses, and corporations.  We also offer Fire Extinguisher Training to businesses and housing groups.  These initiatives, combined with our inspections, prevention, and suppression duties, contribute to making Danbury one of the safest cities in the State of Connecticut.


In the month of October, which is Fire Safety Month, our office delivers Fire Safety Presentations to every elementary school student in our city.  The Fire Safety Programs are presented at age appropriate levels, to a very diverse population.  The students bring the information about smoke alarms, escape plans, and other safety tips into their homes to share with their families.  This Fire Safety Education is vital in creating a fire safe community in Danbury.

We also partner with The Home Depot in the month of October to give a live burn presentation to hundreds of spectators.  We have constructed two identical 8ft. X 8ft. rooms.  We place furniture in each room and try to keep them alike.  One room has a sprinkler in it.  The other does not.  The demonstration shows how quickly smoke alarms work, how quickly fire grows, and how quickly a sprinkler will extinguish a fire.  Our demonstration is narrated by one of our Marshals.  We also touch on other fire safety ideas in our narration.

This year we hosted a continuing education class at our new fire training center for Fire Marshals in our area.  The 3-day class was put on by The Public Agency Training Council.  We had 48 people in attendance.  The class was on Practical Aspects of Fire/Arson Investigation.  By hosting the class, we were able to have the Marshals in our office attend at no charge.

We also hosted a class on Fire Alarms at our new Fire Training Center.  The class was put on by Bob Rossman of United Alarm Company.  All of our Fire Personnel attended.

Our Office continues to administer “The Fire Prevention Poster Contest” to 4th &  5th grade students.  This is a statewide contest that helps students learn about fire safety by creating a poster that tells about fire safety.  Each year this contest draws about 25,000 applicants within Connecticut.  This year we had another County Winner.

In the past year, our office has completed over 6837 inspections.  We also investigate all citizen complaints and investigate the cause and origin of all fires.


Call the Fire Marshal's office at 203-796-1541 to set up an inspection to see if it is safe. This will not be done as code enforcement but as a public service.

Blasting permits are available at the Fire Marshal's Office, 796-1541.

A burn permit may be obtained at the Fire Marshal's Office, 796-1541.