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Our Mission

The unwavering mission of the Danbury Fire Marshal’s Office is to safeguard the people, property and environment of the City of Danbury from the threat of fire, explosion, hazardous conditions and non-compliant construction. This mission is accomplished through a comprehensive, multi-phased fire prevention strategy which includes; public education, code compliance, including inspection and construction review, and investigation of all fire and explosions within the City of Danbury.

About Us

The Office of the Fire Marshal is composed of state certified Deputy Fire Marshals and the Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal’s Division maintains their authority through City of Danbury Ordinance as well as Chapter 541 of the Connecticut State Statutes. Team members work and consult directly with the Connecticut State Fire Marshal and other local and state agencies. These agencies include but are not but limited to; DEEP, UNIT, Building, Health, Board of Education and Permit Center. 

An aggressive and proactive public education program remains a top priority in the Fire Marshal’s prevention plan. This is achieved through providing talks, training and demonstrations to a wide variety of audiences including civic, religious, corporate, and community organizations. A major component of our fire safety efforts is through our annual fire safety presentations. These presentations are provided to all elementary school age children in the City of Danbury. This program teaches children the hazards of fire, prevention techniques, and the proper actions to take in the event of an emergency. Children are encouraged to share this in information with their family, friends and neighbors. Resulting in a safer community as a whole.

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for the complete and accurate application of the Connecticut State Fire code, including all referenced national codes. These codes are thoroughly reviewed and applied throughout the planning and construction of any new, remodeled or renovated structure. After ensuring all life safety consideration are met an approval for occupancy is issued.

Included in the application of the State Fire Code is the recurring schedule of mandated inspection of occupancies. The rigorous inspection schedule ensures the required level of safety is maintained for occupants, owners and visitors alike. State mandated inspections encompass;  multi-family residences/apartments; schools; child, elderly and medical care centers; hotels; restaurants; mercantiles; fueling stations; manufacturing and hazardous material facilities. Permits for liquor licenses; commercial blasting; open burning; tents; and the sale or display of fireworks are also included within the duties of code application.

Per state statute, the Fire Marshal’s Division is responsible and required to investigate all incident of fire and explosion within its jurisdiction. Within this scope is the legal responsibility to determine the origin and cause of the incident, administering any necessary legal action. Utilizing the National Fire Incident Reporting system, incident data is collected and analyzed. Results are forwarded to the State Fire Marshal and compiled nationally. These results help determine emergency incident trends, threats, and assist in defining the needs of the Danbury Fire Department and firefighting community. 

The Danbury Fire Department, including the Fire Marshal’s Office, are a member of the National Fire Protection Association. Members of the Fire Marshal’s staff maintain state, regional and worldwide membership to the International Association of Arson Investigators as well as the Fairfield County, and Connecticut Fire Marshal’s Association. All members continue to meet their Connecticut State mandated continuing education obligation through state and nationally recognized classes, seminars and self-study programs. 


The Fire Marshal’s Office continues to utilize any and all available resources and technologies to better serve the citizens of Danbury in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Some of the advancements and efficiencies instituted include; digitally archiving of property records and inspection files, the development and implementation of a paperless, electronic inspection format, and the use of social media to enhance our public education program. Working closely with the Permit Center, the Fire Marshal’s Office assisted in the development and deployment of the ViewPoint online permitting system as it relates to Fire Code review and permitting process.

Moving Forward

The team members of the Fire Marshal’s Office will continue to serve as role models in the community by actively participating in safety education, prevention and compliance. We will continue to hold steadfast to our commitment in providing the highest standard of customer service that the citizens of Danbury have come to expect and deserve.