Key Staff

Key Staff

Richard Thode - Chief

203-796-1550 As the manager of the Department, the Chief is responsible for developing and guiding programs of Fire Prevention, Public Education and fire reduction. He represents the Department in dealings with the Mayor, the Common Council and the public. The Chief works with the Mayor, senior command staff, other Department members and constituencies, to create and plan for the future of the Department. This planning may include short and long term strategic plans, fiscal management and budget administration. In addition, these include future needs of personnel, apparatus, stations and equipment. Danbury is the largest combination Department in the state. The Chief is responsible for the successful cooperation and integration of the volunteer and career components. Guiding the training, exercises and development of these groups is a critical aspect of the Chiefs’ responsibility.  In addition, the Chief over sees the various division supervisors and ensures they have the tools and support to complete their assignments and programs. As the public face of the Department, the Chief must know and be known by the community. Attending events, participating in meetings and community presentations are vital to the successful operations of the Department. Through these activities, the Chief stays in touch with the needs of the City. Since September eleventh in 2001, there have been many significant changes to the Fire Service environment. Activities, training and planning regarding possible terrorist threats, weapons of Mass destruction and natural disasters have consumed considerable resources.  Meeting these challenges and providing to the citizens of Danbury an effective and efficient department is the core of the Chiefs duties.

Assistant Fire Chief

19 New Street 203-796-1550 The Assistant Chief of the Fire Department administers the day-to-day operations of the department. This includes the on duty crew of the Career component as well as any Volunteer units activated for emergency response. He is responsible for the continuing operation and maintenance of 11 Fire stations. These duties include contacting and scheduling vendors, suppliers and repair teams. In addition, the Assistant Chief is charged with overseeing the various Career platoon Deputy Chiefs and ensuring they have the tools and support to complete their assignments. The Assistant Chief has the task of ensuring that the suppression division can fulfill the primary mission of the Department, to protect lives and property. In this capacity, he guides the development, issuance and implementation of standard operating procedures and department policies. The job of the Assistant Chief is also to represent the Chief in all activities where the Chief is unable to attend. In this capacity, he has the full authority and responsibility of the Chief.

Terry Timan - Fire Marshal

155 Deer Hill Ave. 203-796-1541 The Fire Marshal is responsible for the enforcement of many sections found in Chapter 530 of the Ct. General Statutes, as well as eight codes which are promulgated under the provisions of certain statutes. The office of the Fire Marshal also investigates the cause, origin and circumstance of all fires and explosions within his jurisdiction and shall report same to the State Fire Marshal. The Office is also responsible for the annual inspection of all buildings within the city and reviews plans and specifications for various occupancies proposed within the city.  The Office is comprised of the Fire Marshal and six (6) Deputy Fire Marshals.

David Kirkwood - Superintendent of Apparatus

19 New Street 203-796-1556 The superintendent reports directly to the Chief. His duties are the repair, preventive maintenance and the maintaining of fire apparatus. He has immediate supervision of the assistant mechanic. He is also responsible for maintaining all records, repair and testing of self-contained breathing apparatus and accessories. Maintains hose records and repairs damaged sections. Recommends new equipment and procedure for the safe operation of apparatus, equipment and appliances.

Steven Rogers Jr. - Drillmaster

19 New St. 203-796-1550 The Training Officer is a direct representative of the Fire Chief and is responsible for the organization, administration and execution of practical courses of instruction in fire fighting for all line personnel in the department, both career and volunteer. Duties include, planning and directing programs for all fire fighting and ambulance personnel. Gives instruction in the use of new equipment, modern fire fighting and life saving techniques. Supervises training carried on by company officers on a prearranged schedule, supervises training and drills in the volunteer fire companies of the City of Danbury. Is responsible for all record keeping concerning daily training, company training and individual training records.

James Gagliardo - Communications Coordinator

19 New Street 203-796-1550 The communications coordinator is directly responsible to the Fire Chief for the efficient supervision, management and administration of assigned functions. Duties include, the organizing, directing and control of all communications. Supervises communication procedures and operators. Trains all communication personnel, including part-time, potential E-911 and current dispatchers. Controls the updating and entry of all tactical and operational information into the computer response system.

Rey Rodriguez - EMS Coordinator

19 New St. 203-796-1550 The Danbury Fire Department is a major component of a tiered system of Emergency Medical Services sponsored by the City of Danbury. The EMS coordinator is directly responsible to the Chief of the Fire Department and is responsible for the effective and efficient deployment of department personnel and equipment as the first responder, working cooperatively with the providers of ambulance services and other medical personnel of the hospital and other medical facilities