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About Us

The Information Technology (IT) Office is a division within the City’s Department of Finance and provides the technology tread for all City departments.  IT’s core responsibilities include providing an uninterrupted flow of information internally and externally throughout the organization in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  Also, IT’s Support Solution vendor, CIS, has partnered with the City through an RFP selection process, to provide scalable IT Support Solutions for the City’s departments.  As part of the Managed Services Contract, the City’s IT Manager oversees all vendor operations and directs the Information Technology function.

Our Accomplishments

  • Developed a robust secure internet access connection system for all city offices which utilizes multiple 1gb internet circuits with redundant paths.
  • Critical Computer technology life-cycle deployments completed: 75 end of life computers have been replaced, new file backup system appliance for the City Hall Data Center has been integrated.
  • Successfully Refurbished and Upgraded the Data Center Enterprise UPS to provide double the emergency battery power to the City’s main IT Infrastructure (1 hour and 25 minutes).
  • Migrated the City’s legacy AS400/iSeries Server to a Secure Cloud system to provide better legacy application access and Disaster Recovery capabilities.
  • Successfully deployed over 35 iPads and 70 laptops and enabled secure remote work capability for all key staff during the COVID-19 response.
  • Integrated a new Enterprise Network Security Appliance and Secure Hardware VPN System. This system will further secure the city’s network, improve network performance, and further secure satellite offices.