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About Us

The Information Technology (IT) Office is a division within the City’s Department of Finance and provides the technology tread for all City departments.  IT’s core responsibilities include providing an uninterrupted flow of information internally and externally throughout the organization in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  Also, IT’s Support Solution vendor, CIS, has partnered with the City through an RFP selection process, to provide scalable IT Support Solutions for the City’s departments.  As part of the Managed Services Contract, the City’s IT Manager oversees all vendor operations and directs the Information Technology function.

Our Accomplishments

  • Successfully implemented a new Parks & Recreations Online Management System.
  • Critical Computer technology life-cycle deployments completed: 75 end of life computers have been replaced, new storage area network and file backup system for City Hall Data Center has been integrated, and a new VOIP Phone System has been integrated for the Fire Department HQ ($5k Annual Savings through Phone Circuit consolidation).
  • City-Wide office Internet and Wi-Fi bandwidth have been expanded by 50%, while maintaining existing cost footprint.
  • Completed configuration of additional fiber internet circuit which provides increased bandwidth and redundancy needed by the city’s operating departments.