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About Us

The Information Technology (IT) Office is a division within the City’s Department of Finance and provides the technology tread for all City departments.  IT’s core responsibilities include providing an uninterrupted flow of information internally and externally throughout the organization in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  Also, IT’s Support Solution vendor, CIS, has partnered with the City through an RFP selection process, to provide scalable IT Support Solutions for the City’s departments.  As part of the Managed Services Contract, the City’s IT Manager oversees all vendor operations and directs the Information Technology function.

Additionally, the Information Technology Office is responsible for the planning, design, support and programming of all technology used by City offices, including the Police and Fire Departments.  Additional responsibilities include the administration of “best practices” and operating standards and the acquisition of all hardware and software used by City offices and personnel.

A “state of the art” computer server backbone is used to deliver software applications across a secured network that connects all the City’s buildings consisting of fiber strung between five separate areas, plus an elaborate set of routers, switches, and security devices that keeps everyone connected.  In addition to servers, network attached storage (NAS) technology is used to actually house the data files and to provide back-up protection.  The City’s network is supported by a second tier of communication resources such as: digital subscriber lines (DSL) phone lines, cable modems, and hardware VPN security devices that link the smaller offices into the City’s communication backbone.

The City’s Information Technology Office is responsible for the “Best of Breed” software solutions and infrastructure which are constantly utilized throughout all City departments.  Examples include:  the Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) which is considered the central nervous system of the City’s emergency response system; and the “state of the art” ERP software (New World Systems) that provides for the secured network for all the City’s financial systems such as payroll, accounting, risk management, human resources, purchasing, billing, accounts payable/receivable, etc.

The City’s Information Technology Office provides support for the technical devices utilized by City personnel in the performance of their job duties. Such equipment may include the employee’s desktop computer, laptop, and/or hand held device such as a smart phone or tablet.  Such workplace tools are used on a constant basis by City employees and provide the pipeline for the flow of information to all departments.   IT supports Public Safety technical equipment which includes fire apparatus’, ambulances, and police vehicles that utilizes a secured and specialized Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) network.

Our Mission

The Information Technology Department is committed to providing Technology Support & Advisement Services to all departments of municipal government.  This mission is achieved by incorporating the newest technologies and best practices to improve government efficiency while assuring that our data systems remain secure.

Our Accomplishments

The Information Technology Office successfully supports the following:

  • 1104 total devices and 14 core enterprise applications: 576 computers, 84 Panasonic ToughBooks, 39 Laptops, 68 Copier Multi- Functioning Device (MFDs), 106 Printers, 50 IPADs, 70 Smart Phones, 56 Virtual Servers, 2 Enterprise Storage Arrays, 4 Firewalls, 49 network switches.
  • Computer Network Comprising of: 7 internet connections, 6 LANs, and 20 VLANs.

The following items were accomplished during the 2016-17 fiscal year:

  • IT received nearly 3,000 support requests which were successfully resolved at an 89% call closure rate within 72 hours.
  • Successful integration of a new VOIP Phone System to replace the end of life system at: City Hall, Public Works, Library and Elderly Center Offices.
  • Replaced 75 end of life Computers throughout city offices.
  • Replaced 2 end of life Enterprise Servers at the City Hall Data Center.
  • Replaced the end of life switch network infrastructure at the Library (used ERATE Grant).
  • Fine tuning of City’s Information Technology Disaster Recovery system to leverage co-site and onsite systems.

A project to redesign the City’s web site is now underway and will complete over the summer of 2017.  The resulting new design will incorporate a state of the art refresh of the city’s web site and ensure the best possible look and feel for constituent facing web services. We will focus on providing enhanced options for accomplishing typical City Hall activities on-line.

The Information Technology Division continues to integrate state of the art technology that will help to:   streamline core business processes, institute computer based automation, reduce costs across the enterprise, improve information system availability, maximize data security, and increase overall customer service.