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The City of Danbury in partnership with a not for profit affiliate of Western Connecticut Health Network operates advanced life support paramedic ambulances that are staffed to meet the ever rising emergency medical call volume demand in Danbury. The Danbury EMS paramedics are highly trained professionals that offer the highest level of care before arriving at the hospital including advanced airway management techniques, medication administration, and cardiac monitoring. The ambulances are deployed in carefully plotted areas of the City to ensure both a safe and timely response.

In addition to the ambulance service, all Danbury career firefighters are cross-trained to be EMS First-Responders and are equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators. The strategically located fire stations provide a rapid emergency medical response until the paramedic ambulances arrive.

Mission Statement

The mission of Danbury Emergency Medical Services is to provide prompt, courteous and professional pre-hospital care service excellence while supporting the collaborative objectives of public safety and health in the community.

Billing Information

(Dates of Service 12/01/2013 or later)


Billing Customer Service

Phone: 888-980-9301

Payment Remit to Address
Danbury Emergency Medical Services
Billing Department
PO Box 887
Danbury, CT. 06813


Delinquent Accounts

Phone: 800-363-7215

Payment Remit to address:
Taxserv Capital Services
City of Danbury EMS
8895 N. Military Trail Suite 203-D
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410


Calls from patients/debtors to inquire about their collection: 877-358-9683

For questions in resolving older claims please call the Taxserv/NCSPlus help line: 321-332-7578

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients name (spelled correctly as it appears on their card)
Medicare number

8-digit number on the Gold Card or either the 10-digit recipient ID number.
Workers Comp Insurance
Employer name, Employers Mailing Address, Employer city, Employer phone number

Major Medical Insurance/Secondary Insurance
Insured's name
Patients relationship to insured (SELF, SPOUSE or CHILD)
Insured's D.O.B. (Insurance Company's will no longer pay without the DOB)
Insured's sex
Group name and Group number
Contract (policy) number

Auto Insurance
Owner of the Vehicle you were in.
Auto Insurance Name, Address, Phone Number.
Policy Number and Claim Number

Our billing service representatives are available to speak with you at 888-980-9301 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5 PM EST.

Yes Danbury EMS has a secured website portal:
Click Here to View the EMS Portal

Statement and invoices may be sent to the recipients of service by Danbury EMS for many reasons.
An invoice is mailed to all patients who have been transported via a Danbury EMS ambulance. Please read it carefully. If we have all of the information to file your claim, the invoice will state "we have filed this bill with Medicare/Insurance and are awaiting payment". We will send you the balance due statement after Medicare/Insurance has paid or denied our claim. We will also file your secondary insurance if applicable. Or it could be as simple as needing a signature in order to file your claim with the insurance provider, verification of Insurance information, or missing or no Insurance information.
(a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section and subject to the provisions of sections 19a-177, 38a-498 and 38a-525 of the general statutes, any person who receives emergency medical treatment services or transportation services from a licensed ambulance service or certified ambulance service shall be liable to such ambulance service for the reasonable and necessary costs of providing such services, irrespective of whether such person agreed or consented to such liability.
(b) The provisions of this section shall not apply to any person who receives emergency medical treatment services or transportation services from a licensed ambulance service or certified ambulance service for an injury arising out of and in the course of his employment as defined in section 31-275 of the general statutes.

Monthly Statements are mailed at the end of each month on all accounts that have a balance.

Yes, we will file a claim to your secondary/supplemental insurance after we receive the payment from your primary insurance/Medicare.

We will gladly set up a monthly payment plan with you.

Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Debit Cards

Intermedix on behalf of the City of Danbury EMS utilizes the services of Healthport for all attorney requests for billing records. Due to the ever evolving changes within the HIPAA laws, privacy of our patient’s information is our first priority. Healthport insures that only people that you have authorized can gain access to your records.
Below is a link to their website where you can request billing records information via fax or set up access through their portal and receive ambulance billing information securely.
Request via Portal: Click Here to View the Portal
Request Via Fax: 305-521-0773
Should you encounter any issues, please contact Healthport’s Customer Care directly at: 800-367-1500.
*Please be advised that there may be a nominal charge for ambulance billing records.
You will be provided this charge prior to finalization of your records request.

You can request copies of your medical records by contacting the Health Information Services (Medical Records) Department: Click Here to Request Medical Records at 203-739-7218.
Please note that there may be a fee associated with your request.
Release of Information
You may also complete the Release of Information Authorization form, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Please fax the completed form to Health information Services at 203-739-6689. Please be sure to include current address and phone contact information in case we need to reach you about your request.
Click on a Release of Information Authorization to view online or print a copy. Release of Information Authorization are available online in PDF format. You may need to download the free PDF reader from Adobe.com.