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The Office of Civil Preparedness for the City of Danbury continuously receives support and updates for our Emergency Operations Plan from the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Events throughout the last decade have redefined emergency response needs and planning at all levels of government. Being proactive in our approach and response to potential emergency events, both natural and man-made, is our priority. Our primary mission continues to be the development of plans, protocols, and procedures that assure the safety of our citizens. The department, with input from local, state, and national agencies, has made significant strides in preparedness, and has created a strong foundation for emergency management in our community.


This past year we have responded to, along with out City Health Department, an outbreak of the norovirus at the Western Connecticut State University. We then responded to the water main break on Tamarack Avenue that effected the Danbury Hospital, and approximately 15,000 water users on the East side of the City of Danbury. On May 15, 2018 we had a severe weather event that affected the Northwest, North and Northeastern part of the City. Approximately 28% of the City was without power, due to the storm taking down trees and power wires causing the roads to be impassable. We opened a special needs regional shelter at the Bill Williams Gym located at Western Connecticut State University on Osborne Street. We worked with Eversource at the Western Connecticut State University to house two hundred Eversource outside crews at Newbury Hall as all of the hotel rooms in a thirty mile radius, were completely full.