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The Building Department is a key division for the future of the City of Danbury.  We manage new construction, additions, and renovations of a building from planning stages to completion.  We also permit and inspect replacements and additions of mechanical systems, and equipment such as electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, sewer and water services, retaining walls, roofs, siding, and exterior finishes. Our staff consists of the Building Official, four Assistant Building Officials, an Electrical Inspector, and a Clerk.  Our inspectors are required to attend ninety hours of continuing education in a three-year period of time to keep up with the ever-changing codes and methods in construction. All applications for building permits are submitted through the Permit Center to the Building Department. Our inspectors review applications, construction drawings, and information applicable to the project.  We then issue a permit after the application has been approved and deemed code compliant.  Our inspectors perform on-site inspections at different stages of construction to ensure code compliance. Our inspectors are on call 24/7 for emergency service if needed by other City Agencies.  These calls can be for fires, car strikes on buildings, water problems in structures, electrical issues with a building, and more.   We work closely with the UNIT for neighborhood building needs, and fire and police with emergencies that might arise. Our clerk, in addition to the daily clerical needs of the department, also retrieves information requested in regards to buildings for design, real estate sales, and re-financing.  The requests she receives for information are for Certificate of Occupancies, plans and permits, inspection records and outstanding code violations.  This type of information requested can date back to 1965.


Construction in Danbury has remained strong. A total of over 3,000 permits for commercial and residential projects were issued from July 1, 2017 to the present, resulting in over 11,000 inspections performed by Building Department staff. We have been in the top ten of municipalities for the year in issuance of Certificates of Occupancy on residential projects. The west side of Danbury continues to grow with Toll Brother Projects at The Reserve. We have seen large renovations at Boehringer and Danbury Hospital completed this year. This past year a new Maplewood medical building was completed and is occupied by an orthopedic group, radiology office, pain management office and a physical therapy office at 4 Riverview. The Newtown Road area was very active in 2017. The constructions of Texas Roadhouse, Popeye’s, and Starbucks, as well as Aspen Dental and T Mobile, have also been completed. Danbury High School has a new look with a four-story addition, new theater, and several other improvements. With the busy real estate market in Danbury, our office has researched and provided over 1,000 requests for information such as Certificates of Occupancy, permits, inspections, and code violations. We work with property owners to resolve open permits, oftentimes lacking inspections. This process at completion ensures substantial compliance with the Connecticut State Building Code as well as closure to the property in question. We have been working on a new organization method for permits and drawings in our storage area for the past five years. I am happy to say we are making progress with historic documents, making the future simpler for research and intend to work for easier research solutions in the upcoming year. In the year to come, we anticipate construction to remain vibrant and steady. Projects such as a senior living community on Wooster Heights, more residential units in the Main St. corridor, and the conversion of an existing office building to covered parking and medical office space are a few of the many projects proposed. We are pleased to work with the citizens of Danbury and developers to ensure public safety, enhance the quality of life, and support the growth and vitality of our City.