In December 2006, Mayor Mark Boughton launched CityLine 311, thus providing the residents of Danbury with a direct and efficient means of relaying their concerns and suggestions to the city. In the past year, the CityLine 311 Call Center received more than 8,000 calls, emails, letters, and in-person requests from residents looking to input a service request or requesting any variety of information regarding city services or events taking place in Danbury.

The city encourages the residents of Danbury to be proactive in the care for their streets, neighborhoods, and places of businesses by alerting CityLine 311 whenever areas of concern are noted. Residents should not be hesitant to report any concerns, and utilize any avenue to report their concern: by calling 311, inputting a request on our website through the Live Chat, or sending an email to [email protected]. Even if residents are unsure if a notice of violation is warranted, an inspector will be sent to determine the appropriate action to be taken. Your involvement will help to ensure a high quality of life for all of Danbury’s residents and is essential to not only efficient and effective government response, but also to the continued prosperity that is sought by all. The city greatly relies on, and greatly appreciates, its partnership and support with all of the residents and utilizing the 311 service is the best means by which this mutually-beneficial relationship can continue to thrive.


Residents continue to utilize CityLine 311 for a variety of information on services such as city events, leaf pick-up, street sweeping, pothole repair, and street paving. Typically, call volume is based upon emergencies and unexpected events; compared to previous years this past year was relatively calm – save for the harsh winter that helped see call volume peak at over 1,200 calls received during January and February 2014. Such calls were related to snowstorms – regarding road closures, snow removal operations, and general road conditions. The harsh winter, and coinciding freeze-thaw cycle, brought many road hazards and residents reported nearly 400 potholes over the past year, all of which were logged and sent over to the Highway Department. Working alongside other departments with constant communication has become the standard for the 311 Call Center and has allowed for quick responses and updates to be relayed back to the public, who are greatly appreciative of the information.

Residents experience the success of 311 by having their questions answered quickly, as well as being able to keep up with their service requests with a tracking number. The 311 Call Center encourages residents who see potholes, dangerous tree limbs, dead animals, malfunctioning traffic lights, blight issues, and drainage problems to call 3-1-1 so the situation can be logged and investigated. The details of the request are sent to the appropriate department, who make the determination regarding the course of action to be taken, and updates are subsequently forwarded to the resident. Although employees of the City of Danbury are proactive, they cannot be everywhere and encourage notification of issues, regardless of how trivial they may appear to the resident.

Awareness of the benefits of the 311 Call Center was expanded upon during the Citizens Government Academy in the summer of 2013 as participants were made aware of how they can utilize the services offered by 311. Callers are frequently becoming aware of new information and services; this is not limited to new residents of Danbury, but also to life-long residents who are becoming more involved with their community for the first time.

In 2017, to accompany a new website design, Mayor Boughton launched a 311 Live Chat Service Request feature. The chat is monitored by the 311 Call Center 24/7 and is available to residents on desktop and mobile. This was created to be a quick and efficient way for users to discuss their questions with our 311 agents.

Residents are always welcome to email [email protected] with any questions.