Affordable Housing Plan Committee

Affordable Housing Plan Committee

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The City of Danbury has initiated the process to prepare its Affordable Housing Plan (“AHP”) as is required pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 8-30j.  The statute requires that each municipality in Connecticut prepare or amend and adopt an AHP at least once every 5 years.  The initial deadline for adoption of the City’s AHP is June 1, 2022.

The purpose of the AHP is to specify how Danbury intends to increase the number of affordable housing units in the City. The Departments of Planning and Zoning and Health and Human Services are working together with the City’s Affordable Housing Plan Committee to spearhead preparation of the AHP to ensure compliance with the statutes. The Committee will help identify the best and most effective ways to engage different sectors of the community on the issue of housing affordability, and will advocate and build support for the AHP.

Recommendations of the AHP will be incorporated into the City’s 2023 Plan of Conservation and Development update.