William Lounsbury

Fire Department
Title: Assistant Chief
Phone: 203-796-1550
William Lounsbury-1833436 profile size 9-21-22

The Assistant Chief of the Fire Department administers the day-to-day operations of the department. This includes the on duty crew of the Career component as well as any Volunteer units activated for emergency response. He is responsible for the continuing operation and maintenance of 11 Fire stations. These duties include contacting and scheduling vendors, suppliers and repair teams. In addition, the Assistant Chief is charged with overseeing the various Career platoon Deputy Chiefs and ensuring they have the tools and support to complete their assignments. The Assistant Chief has the task of ensuring that the suppression division can fulfill the primary mission of the Department, to protect lives and property. In this capacity, he guides the development, issuance and implementation of standard operating procedures and department policies. The job of the Assistant Chief is also to represent the Chief in all activities where the Chief is unable to attend. In this capacity, he has the full authority and responsibility of the Chief.


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