Richard Thode

Fire Department
Title: Chief
Phone: 203-796-1550
Richard Thode

As the manager of the Department, the Chief is responsible for developing and guiding programs of Fire Prevention, Public Education and fire reduction. He represents the Department in dealings with the Mayor, the Common Council and the public. The Chief works with the Mayor, senior command staff, other Department members and constituencies, to create and plan for the future of the Department. This planning may include short and long term strategic plans, fiscal management and budget administration. In addition, these include future needs of personnel, apparatus, stations and equipment. Danbury is the largest combination Department in the state. The Chief is responsible for the successful cooperation and integration of the volunteer and career components. Guiding the training, exercises and development of these groups is a critical aspect of the Chiefs' responsibility. In addition, the Chief over sees the various division supervisors and ensures they have the tools and support to complete their assignments and programs. As the public face of the Department, the Chief must know and be known by the community. Attending events, participating in meetings and community presentations are vital to the successful operations of the Department. Through these activities, the Chief stays in touch with the needs of the City. Since September eleventh in 2001, there have been many significant changes to the Fire Service environment. Activities, training and planning regarding possible terrorist threats, weapons of Mass destruction and natural disasters have consumed considerable resources. Meeting these challenges and providing to the citizens of Danbury an effective and efficient department is the core of the Chiefs duties.


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