D Dents – Dent Repair

December 5, 2018

Business Wednesdays 12/05/18


What began as a mobile service in Danbury in 2003 grew to become a full-service storefront shop on 22 Kenosia Avenue in 2015. D Dents was the idea of Danny Espinal, NYC born, but proudly raised in our City of Danbury. Danny chose to open his business in Danbury due to his desire to serve the people in his city. But, he also realized the opportunities of being able to connect with both Connecticut and New York clientele because of Danbury’s prime geographic position.

While Danny enjoyed being a mobile business, he chose to open a retail location to better educate his customers on their cosmetic needs. While people sometimes choose to paint their car in a body shop, D Dents can fix your car without paint! The family-owned and operated business is proud to offer this quality unique service to retail customers, body shops, car dealers, insurance companies and detail shops.

Danny is a trained, professional technician in the art of paintless dent removal. He believes no job is too small and will repair all makes and models of both domestic and foreign vehicles.

If you are currently dealing with a frustrating dent, ding or scratch, but don’t think you have the time to get it fixed, D Dents may be the place for you! They pride themselves on repairing cars in less than one hour. Their highly skilled technicians use specialized tools to re-form your vehicles body metal back to their normal conditions without ruining the original factory finish, often in a matter of minutes.

Paintless Dent Removal is a very fine art. D Dents can meticulously manipulate the dent from behind the panel to permanently remove it. It’s 100% environmentally-friendly because there are no paints, primers, or sealers involved. It also turns into time and money savings for you!

If you are interested in D Dents’ services, or as they say ‘Got Dings?’ Give them a call 203-512-4315 or visit www.deedents.com to learn more!

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