Hatters Community Park - Pavilion & Hall Rentals

Hatters Park entrance signHatters Park sits on 32 acres of land, The Danbury Park & Recreation office is located on site along with Hatter Park Banquet Hall, open air picnic pavilion, a pond and playground, plus a Duckpin bowling alley. The Recreation Dept, is responsible for rentals of banquet hall and pavilion, 203-797-4632 and responsible for the scheduling of the 3 softball fields. Field permit required for use and issued by P & R.

Address: 7 East Hayestown Road 

Hall Info & Rates 22/23

Pavilion Info & Rates 22/23

The above rates are valid until June 30, 2023.

                                          New rates will be posted soon effective July 1, 2023  through June 30, 2024