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The mission of the Mayor’s Office is to ensure superior quality of constituent services for our citizenry through effective communications and implementation of the Mayor’s legislative and policy priorities. We are committed to working with our residents, faith communities and businesses to assure Danbury’s municipal government fulfills its obligations.

The Mayor’s Office services constituents and supports the Mayor’s administrative tasks. The Mayor’s staff services thousands of individuals year round through phone calls, emails, letters and by way of walk-in visits. The staff oversees a variety of city projects and programs in addition to assisting other departments and organizations with their daily business. 


  • Mayor Esposito and his team have been focused on response and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, the Mayor has encouraged tens of thousands of residents to receive their vaccinations and boosters, and has overseen the distribution of thousands of masks and self-test kits. 
  • The Mayor would like to thank Mayor Cavo and the hard working members of Mayor Cavo's administration for their work during this past year of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • Mayor Esposito has made incredible progress working with our state and federal partners on the Danbury Transit Focus initiative which was launched to coordinate the improvement of mass transit infrastructure, including the Danbury Municipal Airport, Metro North Rail, Housatonic Rail, and Housatonic Area Regional Transit. 
  • Education has been one of Mayor Esposito's top priorities, and he has made substantial progress with the Career Academy and fighting for our fair share of state Education Funding. 
  • We have completed Phase 1 of the Responsible Growth and Transit-Oriented Development Program to reconstruct downtown sidewalks and streetscape infrastructure.

Goals & Objectives

  • Continue working with the Danbury Health Department on the response and recovery to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are working to secure a freestanding downtown building to expand and better serve our Health Department.
  • We will continue fighting for our fair share of education funding for our children to provide abundant opportunities for Danbury's students to succeed.
  • We will continue working with the Office of Business Advocacy to meet the specific needs of Danbury's business community, especially small to midsize businesses.
  • Continue with innovative cost-reduction and containment measures to minimize the tax burden on Danbury taxpayers

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    Dean Esposito


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    Chief of Staff

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    Lindsay Seti

    Government Affairs and Communications Advisor

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    Executive Aide

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    Constituent Services

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