About Us

The Purchasing Department is a division within the City's Department of Finance and is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services required by City departments and agencies, with the exception of the Board of Education. The department also maintains a fixed asset inventory of all City-owned vehicles, buildings, land equipment and infrastructure, consistent with an established dollar threshold. The department's staff consists of a Purchasing Agent, an Assistant Purchasing Agent, and two Purchasing Clerks. The department works hard, within the framework established by the City's Code of Ordinances, to obtain the best value for each tax dollar spent.

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  • Successfully rolled out the Amazon ordering platform to requisitioning departments and agencies.
  • Worked with the Finance Department and Corporation Counsel to lock in favorable heating fuel and motor fuel pricing for FY 2017 to 2018 and FY 2018 to 2019.
  • Worked with the Finance Department to conduct a review of all city-owned vehicles and to update related file information to satisfy DMV requirements.
  • Updated the entire sealed bid calendar, which includes all professional services bids.