Permit Center

Introducing our New Online Permit Portal!

How to Start:

  1. Register for a user account with the permitting software, if you do not have one already. This is a cloud-based interface that may be accessed from any type of computer, hand-held device or web browser.
  2. Log into the online permitting portal.
  3. Fill out the application and upload the required documentation in PDF format. You will have the option to save an unfinished application and complete it at a later date.
  4. Once submitted, an email link to a copy of the application will be available to you.
  5. A cursory check of the application will be conducted only to assess its completeness - this is not a review of the merits of the application. Additional documentation can be uploaded directly by the applicant at any time.

Please check your emails regularly for notifications sent by the permitting software to the email address you registered your account with. All written correspondence with City staff should be conducted through the permitting software and not by emailing directly to their city email address - this allows other staff to understand the application status. Correspondence requires logging back into the online permitting portal and using the 'Comments' section.

Login to the Online Permit Portal.

About Us

The Department of Permit Coordination is responsible for overseeing the necessary actions needed by all municipal departments to properly address permit applications submitted by the public. The Department also monitors permitting activities and coordinates enforcement activities of these various departments, which include Building, Zoning, Engineering, Fire Marshal, Health and Public Utilities. This process ensures that all departments work in collaboration with each other, as well as with land use boards and commissions. All permit applications and enforcement activities are handled fairly and efficiently, while balancing the needs of developers and the general public.

Staffed by a Director/ZEO, Assistant Director and Customer Service Representatives, the Department has the authority to prioritize as well as establish timetables and deadlines for review and subsequent action on permit applications by the municipal departments.

Fiscal Year 2021 to 2022

On November 4, 2019, the City of Danbury's Permit Center launched its latest Permitting Software resulting in the permit process essentially going paperless. The City has secured a partnership with OpenGov to not only continue with our time-proven process, but also enable internet applications, permits, payments and inspection scheduling. In most cases applications can be submitted, paid and issued from the comfort of your home. For the public's convenience, the Permit Center has combined different permits onto a project type so that all required plans can be submitted with that one application.

The Customer Service staff will be available to assist via OpenGov, email, phone or in person at City Hall. Visitors to the Permit Center can explain their project and our staff will provide guidance for which electronic application is required for submission. The permit center will in turn disseminate the documents, approve application and certify as complete for departmental review. The applicant can monitor the progress of applications, communicate with the reviewer and be notified of activity on their project by the email portal. Our Customer service staff will be available to assist with any requests for more information so that permits can continue to be routed in a timely fashion. Upon final approval, applicants will pay, bond and receive the necessary permits in OpenGov. All inspections required for your project will be reviewed and scheduled by the Permit Center. One centralized inspection number ensures a smooth closeout of a project and avoids redundant or skipped inspections. When all permits are closed, the center will complete the process by having the Zoning Officer and Building Official issue certificates.

The Permit Centers goal is to remove the stress and intimidation sometimes experienced as an applicant plans a project. Visiting with the permit center is not a guaranteed "yes", but applicants will leave with the satisfaction of knowing that they are important to us and we do care. From small residential projects to multi-million-dollar commercial jobs, the Permit Center provides individual attention to homeowners and contractors alike from submittal to completion.

Our Successes

Danbury is currently enjoying a healthy mix of commercial and residential projects throughout the city. An unprecedented surge in downtown development is a perfect example of a development hotspot. New projects are currently under way and others are making their way through commissions leading to new growth. Projects such as BRT's 149- unit mixed-use development, as well as three Main Street corridors mixed use developments will add an additional 600 units to this thriving downtown. Navigating the approval process can be complicated, but the Permit Center will continue to partner with our residents and approved developers to assure smooth operations and our future economic success.

Other towns and cities have visited our Permit Center with the intent of modeling their permitting system after the City of Danbury's. This high standard we have set for other cities to follow is due to the efforts of all permitting Departments and their commitment to better serve the City. We are fortunate to have such a competent group in the Permit Center including the Inspectors, Officers and Marshals serving the City. They have all made a tremendous impact on service and overall City Operations.

Department Statistics for the Fiscal Year 2021 to 2022

  • Issued over 3,413 permits.
  • Processed over $2,432,000 in fees.
  • Scheduled over 8,000 inspections.
  • Issued over 800 Certificates of Compliance
  • Issued over 1900 Certificates of Occupancy.
  • Received and released over $200,000 in bonds.