Legislative Assistant

About the Office of the Legislative Assistant

The Legislative Assistant serves as the custodian of all public records relating to City Council business including; ordinances, resolutions and other municipal documents.  The office ensures that the decisions of the legislative body are properly recorded, archived, and made available for public inspection, and that  up-to-date electronic records and archives are properly maintained.

The Legislative Assistant provides clerical support to the City Council through the preparation of council agendas, minutes and official notices.  The office also facilitates public access to these documents.   Serving as the custodian of the City Seal, the Legislative Assistant also attests and certifies legal documents, agreements, and public notices for the city.

In addition, the Legislative Assistant serves as a communications liaison for the City Council, providing virtual/video access to City Council meetings, uploading agendas and minutes for those meetings on to the city’s website, and publishing notices and ordinances as required by the City Charter in the local newspaper and online.

The office works closely with the City Council and city departments to provide members, staff and the public with timely and accurate responses to inquiries and requests.  


Most recently, the Legislative Assistant continued to upgrade the office’s presence online by adding a Newly Enacted Ordinances section to the City Council’s webpage, making the latest and most up-to-date municipal laws and regulations easily accessible by the public, as they are enacted.  

The office is currently finalizing the first supplement to the existing Code of Ordinances since going online in 2018.  The supplement will provide city staff with up-to-date hard copies of the newly enacted and amended municipal laws that they refer to regularly.

The Legislative Assistant is committed to streamlining and increasing electronic communication between the office, Council members, and city staff.  Notices and document packages for upcoming meetings are now delivered in real-time electronically, in additional to the traditional delivery method required by City Charter.  City Council meeting agendas are also now emailed directly to Council members and Department Heads in addition to being uploaded to the city’s website.   

The Legislative Assistant is committed to advancing City Council items through the legislative process by tracking and coordinating outstanding issues and meetings that need to be reconvened, and by providing detailed referrals and action notices to department heads.  

The office will continue to strategize new ways to provide the public with quick and easy access to the information they want and need; and will continue to find new ways to utilize the latest in government communication platforms to facilitate the work of the City Council.