Human Resources

About Us

The Human Resources Department is a proactive strategic business partner committed to providing quality service in all Human Resource operations with integrity, responsiveness, and sensitivity to all 600 plus employees of the City of Danbury. In keeping in line with the City's mission and visions, the Department facilitates and manages change and the pursuit of excellence in all employee-oriented programs, while influencing positive management-workforce relationships. The Human Resources Department establishes, administers, and effectively communicates sound policies, rules, and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining organizational compliance with employment and labor laws, City directives, and labor agreements. The Department is also responsible for the negotiations and administration of all collective bargaining agreements.

Human Resources is responsible for promoting and recruiting the best qualified people while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the workplace. The Department successfully enforces the principles of the Civil Service System. Human Resources and Civil Service are committed to and responsible for maintaining and upholding a fair and equitable testing process that is based solely on merit. Through our collective knowledge and experience, we strive for efficiency and consistency in the application of Civil Service Commission rules and policies.


The Department has maintained its commitment to acting equitably and consistently in our pursuit of uncompromising quality services and support during a time of change. This includes supporting Leadership and employees while seizing opportunities to employ methods which enhance service, communication, and productivity while reducing spending and controlling cost. Additionally, the Department continues to serve as a source of information and expertise in all areas of Human Resource Management in order to maintain effective, supportive and legal working environments throughout the City.

The Department has made several strides to ensure a trained and skilled work force by initiating the following:

  • Developed and conducted mandatory city-wide Sensitivity and Effective Communications training for all employees of the City of Danbury.
  • Reviewed, Revised and distributed the City's key policies to ensure compliance with new and revised local and state laws and statutes as well as employment law. Such policies include: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO); Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy; The Complaint Procedure; The Reasonable Accommodation Policy; Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the Military Leave Policy.
  • Implemented additional online training programs for personal development and management training.

To afford the City the ability to attract, recruit and retain engaged and high performing employees, Human Resources has partnered with Department Heads to develop recruitment strategies designed to attract diverse and talented applicants.

Labor relations continues to be an integral part of the Department. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the Department has successfully continued collaborative efforts with the bargaining units. For example, this year Bargaining Unit Contracts were extended and labor issues were proactively settled thereby avoiding grievances and/or arbitrations resulting in better relations as well as cost savings.

Goals & Objectives

For the next fiscal year, Human Resources will continue to implement programs and services designed to support the employees of the City of Danbury and attract new employees who share the same values and work ethics. The Department will continue to evaluate and revise all its initiatives as necessary to meet the mission and core values of the City.

Human Resources plans to configure and implement an online application and tracking system that will further increase the efficiency and accuracy of the recruitment process in a remarkably cost-effective manner. Using this new applicant management/HRIS system for recruitment will allow us to move to an efficient paperless environment. Additionally, Human Resources in partnership with the Danbury Police Department will continue its commitment to the Entry Level Police Officer recruitment initiative and testing process to establish a diverse and talented eligibility list.

Furthermore, the Department will initiate a best practices onboarding process for new employees. An onboarding process is an entire program established to acclimate a new employee to his or her position, work environment, and culture within the first year of employment. Such a program significantly reduces turn-over and substantially increases an employee's productivity and job satisfaction.

The Department will also continue to ensure a valued workforce in a safe and discrimination-free environment by maintaining compliance with employment laws and bargaining unit contracts; providing management and employee training; and developing and updating policies and procedures. Training will continue in areas of effective leadership, anti-harassment and sensitivity training, and employment law and government regulations.

The Department will continue to provide value-added services in a cost-effective manner by reviewing current processes and conducting performance improvement initiatives within the Department. We plan to uphold our commitment to the employees of the City of Danbury while striving to meet the goals of financial sustainability now and in the future.