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The City of Danbury is obligated to ensure our community remains healthy with housing units that are safe, well maintained, and meet the requirements of the Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code. We accomplish this through the Health and Human Services Department's Housing Program. The Housing Program accommodates property owners with inspections on their rental units and a Certificate of Apartment Occupancy is issued when the rental unit successfully passes the inspection. A Certificate of Apartment Occupancy is required when the occupancy or ownership of a 3-family or larger home changes. Certificates of Apartment Occupancy are valid between tenancies or 1 year from issuance. Help For Tenants (or Renters) A tenant may at any time request an inspection of their rental property to ensure their home is safe and the living environment is healthy. Tenants are highly encouraged to first contact their landlord about building concerns that may require needed repair or maintenance. However, if the landlord fails to respond or remediate the issue, a tenant can request an inspection of the interior of their apartment and common areas of the exterior. A full inspection report containing any known housing violation and concerning issues is then mailed to the property owner. Property owners are provided a set amount of time to remediate housing issues and violations. If corrections are not made, the property owner is subject to legal action through the Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code and the City of Danbury. The tenant's contact information is recorded in a database case record. This information is needed in order to schedule an appointment for the inspection and to record who gave permission to inspect. The tenant must be present when the inspection is conducted. The tenant should also cooperate by allowing the landlord access to appropriate areas of the property in order to perform needed repairs. Requirements for Rental Property Owners In addition to requirements for federal, state, and local licensing, taxes, etc., owners of residential rental property in Danbury must maintain the property as required by the Danbury Maintenance and Occupancy Code. In addition to performing inspections at the request of a resident tenant, the department may inspect rental units through the following two rental housing inspection programs authorized under the code.

Housing Program: FAQ To contact the U.N.I.T Housing Coordinator please call Veasna Roeun at 203-797-4625, ext. 7369 or email Veasna Roeun.

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