2019 Annual Report

September 12, 2019

The 2019 Annual Report is now available to view online!

Dear Friends,

This year’s Annual Report is your source for the latest happenings in your municipal government. This report highlights our completed projects from the 2018/2019 fiscal year and details some of our upcoming plans.

Our city is the model of growth and innovation for our state. Danbury has once again been ranked as “One of the Safest Cities in Connecticut,” with crime rates dropping by 13% since the beginning of 2019. We were also reaffirmed with AAA Bond rankings, meaning Danbury continues to maintain a financially stable outlook. These are not recognitions that we receive by accident; we achieve these honors by working as a team with leaders and various departments to address our biggest challenges, while remaining fiscally responsible.

We have had more small business owners choose Danbury as their new home thanks to our ‘Open for Business’ motto. In fact, we cut the ribbon on more than 900 new businesses last year. We work closely with business owners and developers, while keeping the needs of our diverse community in mind.

We support Danbury arts and culture by encouraging creativity through programs such as the Cultural Alliance’s Accessible Arts Program, now showcasing 20 local artists in five venues including City Hall. We completed one part of a special project that installed graphic wraps on downtown electrical boxes, turning them into artwork from local artists specifically in our downtown corridor where you can find both murals and a sculpture garden. There are new development plans for Main Street, many of which have already taken flight, as well as streetscaping work set to begin soon, that will further revitalize the heart of our city.

Our school funding continues to be a concern for many residents, parents and teachers. As a former teacher I know the struggles our schools face on a daily basis, and as your Mayor, I know how much a cut in state funding can affect each student and teacher at every level. For this reason, I work hard to provide our schools with a budget increase every year. This year, I pushed for a $5 million increase to the education budget. This figure does not include the millions of dollars that we spend each year for school upkeep and upgrades.

Our Public Works and Highway Departments are working hard to keep up with the harsh winters that have left many roads in need of repairs and extra maintenance. As a result, we reviewed all available sources of funding for roadwork, and developed a pay-as-yougo capital program. This has allowed me to increase this year’s paving budget by nearly 60% or $4.5 million extra dollars. We are milling and paving at a pace that will address the needs of several roads and neighborhoods.

The city’s dedicated staff are what make Danbury a great place to live, work, be educated, and do business. It is through teamwork with our employees, elected officials, administrators, and department heads that we can continue to improve and prosper. It has always been a priority of mine to keep residents and taxpayers informed about our city government, so I encourage you to read through this report and to use this booklet as a source of information throughout the year.

Mark D. Boughton

*As part of Mayor Boughton’s Transparency Initiative, the Annual Report is hosted online for your viewing. We continue to keep City government and information accessible to all residents. This decision also promotes efficiencies including cost-savings to the City and reducing our environmental footprint by printing fewer paper copies.

For residents who do prefer hard copies of this report, booklets are available at City Hall, the Danbury Senior Center & the Danbury Library.

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