How to Volunteer as a Firefighter in Danbury

The City of Danbury has twelve volunteer fire companies that operate many facets of assisting the city during emergency operations. The various companies provide manpower for fires, specialized equipment such as tankers and brush trucks, as well as traffic control at emergency scenes.

The volunteer fire companies are spread out across the entire city, and traditionally people who wish to volunteer join the one closest to their neighborhood. Each company has its own set of officers and rules, and to find out more about a particular one, please contact them individually. All of the volunteer companies collectively belong to the Danbury Volunteer Firemen's Council. This organization represents the volunteers as a whole with regard to communication with the Fire Chief, as well as issues that affect the volunteers.

  1. Charlie Coakley


  1. Bill Coffey


  1. Chris DiMauro

    1st Vice President

  1. Rich Kaback

    Executive Vice President

  1. Elizabeth Kelly


  1. Art Leach

    Sergeant at Arms

  1. Charlie Zilinek

    Sergeant at Arms