311 is a direct and efficient way residents can relay their concerns and suggestions to the City of Danbury. On average, CityLine 311 Call Center receives more than 8,000 calls, emails, live chats and letters from residents requesting any variety of information regarding city services or events taking place in Danbury. 

The city encourages the residents of Danbury to be proactive in the care for their streets, neighborhoods, and places of businesses by alerting CityLine 311 whenever areas of concern are noted. Even if residents are unsure if a notice of violation is warranted, an inspector will be sent to determine the appropriate action to be taken. Your involvement will help to ensure a high quality of life for all of Danbury's residents and is essential to not only an efficient and effective government response, but also to the continued prosperity that is sought by all. The city greatly relies on, and greatly appreciates, its partnership and support with all of the residents, and utilizing the 311 services is the best means by which this mutually-beneficial relationship can continue to thrive.

How to Reach Us

Dial 311 from any landline or call 203-744-4311 from your mobile device. 

Send an email to the 311 Department