Colleen M. LaHood
Address: 155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810
Telephone: 203-797-4556

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About Us:

The Assessor’s Office has the large responsibility of assessing every taxable and exempt property located in the City of Danbury and compiling these assessments into a list. Included in the list is real estate, business personal property and registered motor vehicles. This department answers not only to the State of Connecticut, yet also to the City, and is committed to accurately serving and representing every resident within the City. Revaluations are conducted every five (5) years. This information is available online at  The City completed a revaluation for the October 1, 2012 list. 

There are several programs available to our seniors and veterans to help reduce their property tax. The filing period for our senior programs is from February 1st through May 15th and the filing period for our veteran programs is from February 1st through October 1st each year.

The Assessor’s Office main objective is to help the public to whatever exemptions/benefits they are entitled to and to assist taxpayers in understanding their assessment on their properties. Many professionals need information from our office, such as map numbers, deed numbers and current assessments to conduct their business. These professionals would include appraisers, surveyors and title searchers. If taxpayers have any questions on their new assessments, please call or stop in our office. The Assessor’s Office will also make house calls for any senior who cannot get to City Hall.   


Our Accomplishments:

The City has enacted a tax freeze for seniors and disabled homeowners.  The program is intended to freeze property for the 2013-2014 tax year based on the October 1, 2011 grand list for qualified elderly homeowners. Applicants must be sixty-five years of age or older by December 31, 2012, or 100% disabled by the Social Security Administration, with a total income not to exceed $51,300 for a single person and $58,000 for a married couple.  Applicants must have a primary residence in the City of Danbury.  The filing period has been extended until August 31, 3013.