Dan Garrick
Assistant Finance Director


155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810





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About Us:


The mission for Risk Management is to promote the safety and health of City employees and those who use city facilities, equipment, and infrastructure.   Risk Management will strive to minimize damage, injury and other liability claims while administering quality yet cost effective employee benefits.

The Risk Management Division’s responsibilities have grown to include more than just administering and providing the most affordable comprehensive insurance coverage for claims associated with general liability, workers compensation, health, life, dental, and disability.  Risk Management also promotes safety and health programs for City Employees which helps minimize injury claims and ensure public safety by regularly conducting safety inspections, safety committee meetings, and training sessions.


Our Accomplishments:


Cost savings measures that do not impact the quality of programs are reviewed every year.  The City’s Health Insurance was converted this year from a fully-insured to a self-insured basis which resulted in approximately $700,000 savings in administrative costs.  Being self-insured should help the City minimize the potentially large spikes in annual health care premium renewals.  The City also increased the use of modified duty – a program that transitions injured employees back to work, decreasing time away from work and the associated costs with the injury.  Risk Management coordinates numerous safety training workshops throughout the City Departments to help reduce potential future claims.