Planning & Zoning Regulations

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Cover Sheet
Table of Contents Table of Contents (Adobe Format)
Section 1 - General Provisions A. Short Title
B. Authority
C. Purpose
D. Establishment of Controls
E. Separability
Section 2 - Definitions A. Language Interpretations
B. Definitions
Section 3 - District Regulation A. Establishment of Districts
B. Official Zoning Map
C. Use Regulations: General
D. Use Regulations: Permitted Uses
E. Use Regulations: Special Exception Uses
F. Use Regulations: Special Permit Uses
G. Use Regulations: Accessory Uses
H. Lot Requirements
I. Yard Requirements
J. Maximum Height Requirements
Section 4 - Residential Districts A. Single Family Residential Districts: RA-8, RA-20, RA-40, RA-80
B. Multi-Family Residential Districts: RMF-10, RMF-6, RMF-4
C. Three Family Residential District: R-3
D. High-Rise Residential District: RH-3
E. Waterfront Residential-Recreational District: RR-10
F. Residential-Office District: R-O
G. Additional Residential Regulations
H. Planned Neighborhood Development: PND
Section 5 - Commercial Districts A. General Commercial District: CG-20
B. Arterial Commercial District: CA-80
C. Limited Roadside Commercial Industrial District: LCI-40
D. Light Commercial District: CL-10
E. Neighborhood Commercial Districts: CN-5, CN-20
F. Central Business District: C-CBD
G. Campus Research Park: CRP
H. Additional Commercial Regulations
Section 6 - Industrial Districts A. Light Industrial District: IL-40
B. General Industrial District: IG-80
C. Additional Industrial Regulations
Section 7 - Overlay Zones A. Floodplain Zones
B. Airport Protection Zones
C. Public Water Supply Watershed Protection Zones
Section 8 - Supplemental Regulations A. Erosion and Sedimentation Controls
B. Motor Vehicle Access; Sidewalks
C. Off-Street Parking and Loading
D. Landscape Requirements
E. Sign Regulations
Section 9 - Nonconformities A. Intent
B. Nonconforming Lots of Record
C. Nonconforming Uses and Structures
D. New Construction
Section 10 - Administration and Enforcement A. General Provisions
B. Zoning Permits
C. Special Exceptions and Special Permits
D. Site Plan Review
E. Affordable Housing Application
F. Certificate of Compliance
G. Violations and Penalties
H. Appeals
I. Amendments
J. Temporary Moratorium
Section 11 - Zoning Board of Appeals A. Administration
B. Variances
C. Motor Vehicle Related Businesses
Section 12 - Enactment A. Repealer
B. Effective Date