at Danbury High, Rogers Park & Broadview Middle Schools

Students perform better when they show up for class healthy and ready to learn. School-based health centers (SBHCs) ensure that our students can get a flu shot, have a physical, have their teeth examined and their eyes checked, or speak to a mental health counselor in a safe, nurturing place – without the barriers that families too often face. SBHCs exist at the intersection of education and health and are the caulk that prevents children and adolescents from falling through the cracks. They provide care – primary health, mental health and counseling, family outreach, and chronic illness management – without concern for the student’s ability to pay and in a location that meets students where they are: at school.

The City of Danbury’s three school based health centers opened to serve all their students during the school year. The mission of the City of Danbury’s SBHC is to provide access to high quality comprehensive physical and mental health services while being accessible, confidential, culturally sensitive, and developmentally appropriate. The SBHC is built upon mutual respect and collaboration between the school and the health provider to promote the health and educational success of school-aged children and involves students as responsible participants in their care, while encouraging the role of parents and other family members. In addition to offering comprehensive medical and mental health care services to enrolled students, grant funding from the State of CT Department of Social Services enabled health center staff to treat “the whole child” through the provision of on-site preventive and restorative dental care. All locations provide medical services to approximately 5,000 students last year.

School Based Health Center Locations:

Danbury High School

Broadview Middle School

Rogers Park Middle School

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